Louisville Slugger Prime 915 Youth

louisville slugger prime 915 youth

The Louisville Slugger Prime 915 Youth Bat is one of the most well-rounded youth bats out there. In 2015, the bat with the most home-runs during the NCAA College Baseball Season was the Prime 915.

The bat is one of the most complete within the industry – being an incredible combination of speed, power and balance.

It’s a three piece fully composite design with a  2 1/4″ barrel, 7/8″ tapered handle, and a 30-Day Performance Guarantee. For the 30D Guarantee, you must register the bat with Slugger in order to claim it.

This bat is the equivalent of Easton’s XL or DeMarini’s CF. So what makes this bat difference from these other two?

Well, let’s find out, but first here’s eBay Best Price Listing for the 915.

Louisville Slugger Prime 915 Bat Technology

  • 100% Composite Design
    • This bat is fully composite and features a three piece structure: the barrel, the handle and a connective piece in the middle.
    • The composite material used in this bat is incredibly strong and allows for optimal strength within the walls of the bat. Therefore creating an incredibly hot barrel without needing to add much of an end-load as most other bats accustom to.
    • That right there is a major difference between the Prime and other power-hitting bats in the market such as the ones mentioned before.
  • Flex Band Technology
    • A Band found within the barrel of the bat that allows the energy to stay concentrated where most important (the barrel) and create a greater force at impact and launch the ball into the outfield.
    • This Flex Band is unique to Slugger and is one of the reasons players can enjoy such power performance at the plate.
  • TRU3 Connective Piece
    • The TRU3 Connective Piece is a technology that aims to reduce vibration and virtually eliminate all bat sting on mishit balls.
    • By redirecting energy back into the barrel and into the ball at contact, players can enjoy greater launch speeds in conjunction with the Flex Band technology.

Overall, it’s easy to see how this bat is able to produce so much force for players. It’s considered by most top elite baseball programs on the NCAA level to be their bat of choice.

The Prime 915 is simply one of the best choices out there on the market.

This bat is specifically designed for those looking to add more power into their swing while maintaining great comfort and feel when hitting.