Easton XL3

easton xl3

The Easton XL3 is the premiere power hitting youth baseball bat for those players looking to maximize their pop and distance. Easton made it with an extra-long barrel (thus the name XL) designed for optimal power.

This bat also contains a very thin handle which is necessary for players to easily wrap their fingers around the bat and grip it with all their might.

It is approved and certified for play in the following categories:

It features a 2 1/4″ barrel and an ultra-thin 29/32″ composite handle with HyperSkin™ Grip.

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With all that said and done, let’s kick into the specs.

Easton XL3 Bat Technology

  • One Piece Aluminum
    • This bat is of a one-piece aluminum construction for maximum bat speed, strength and durability.
    • The low M.O.I design allows for players to exert greater control and a quicker swing through the hitting zone, allowing for not only further distances but also more solid contact at the plate.
  • Hyperlite Matrix Alloy Barrel
    • Stiff and hot right out of the wrapper, this barrel allows for greater durability and strengthens with every swing. As players start to get comfortable with this bat, their performance also improves greatly as the bat is stiffened with more hits.
  • Ultra-Thin Handle
    • Allows players to grip the bat strongly and maintains awesome flexibility through the hitting zone creating a whip-like effect as the barrel of the bat comes around.
    • This helps in bat speed, and power at the plate.

Overall, this bat is purely designed to drop bombs and is widely regarded as one of the most popular amongst youth leagues. The Easton Mako, the Easton S1, S2 and S3 are also popular choices from the same company.

We hope you enjoyed this review and let us know about your experience with this bat!