Easton S1

easton s1

The Easton S1 has emerged as one of the most popular youth baseball bats complete with groundbreaking technology by Easton and lightning fast bat speed.

This bat is a two piece construction fully designed for a quicker swing without having to compromise for power (as such is the case with most one piece alloy bats). Thus, being one of the biggest reasons this bat is so huge.

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The bat features a 2 1/4″ diameter barrel and is certified and approved for play in USSSA 1.15 BPF, Little League, Babe Ruth Baseball, Dixie Youth Baseball, Pony Baseball, AABC.

As mentioned before, this bat comes with a balanced construction and a centered balance point which is meant for a faster bat speed and greater control by the hitter through the hitting zone.

A perfect bat for the contact / top of the line-up kind of players.

With that said, let’s hop into the specs of this bat.

Easton S1 Bat Technology

  • SIC Black Carbon Composite Handle
    • The handle of this bat is designed for maximum comfort at the plate while improving feel through lessening the feedback of the bat.
    • It’s also ultra-thin and comes with the diamond grip for added grip strength and power at the plate.
    • I’ve found that for me personally, the ultra-thin handle allows me to use my hands freely and put myself in a power position at contact more consistently.
  • ConneXion Piece
    • The CXN Piece is a rubber slug at the center of the bat which dampens the sting of the ball at contact and redirects energy back into the ball.
    • This allows more comfort, better feel, confidence and power.
    • This technology is proprietary to Easton.
  • IMX Advanced Barrel Technology
    • The IMX Barrel is great for power as it creates a trampoline effect at contact and sends balls screaming all over the outfield.
    • This is one of the main reasons why Easton produces incredibly hot bats with consistency.
    • It can also be found in the Mako, the S2, S3 amongst others.

Overall, a great bat with a very budget-friendly price tag that simply cannot be beat. Expect great performance, strength and durability from the Easton S1.