Easton Mako -11

easton mako bat review

The Easton MAKO is one of the most popular bats amongst younger players due to it being one of the hottest youth bats in the market, and a heavy competitor amongst what we like to call “The Big 3” bat manufacturing companies.

Everything from the color scheme, down to its pop – this bat screams danger and is hard to miss on a softball diamond.

It has many improvements from last year’s version (I myself wasn’t a fan of the orange color) as well as their ever-so popular spinning TORQ handle.

This bat comes in a variety of length to weight ratios, ranging from -13 up to -11 and from 28 inches up to 31 inches for the youth bat series.

With that said, here you can find the eBay Easton MAKO listing with the best pricing online.

And without any further ado, let’s crack into this bat’s technology and specs.

Easton Mako Bat Technology

  • TCT™
    • Thermo Composite Technology aims to create a massive sweet spot with unrivaled power for players looking to crush some baseballs.
    • In addition to that, Easton’s MAKO series already comes with an enlarged and enhanced barrel for optimal power hitting performance.
    • The way the TCT technology works is by creating a trampoline effect at the point of contact by redirecting energy back into the ball as opposed to wasting it as previous bat generations would.
  • ConneXion Technology
    • Easton’s patented CXN technology is a rubber slug at the center of the bat which separates the handle and the barrel.
    • This piece reduces all bat sting and allows players to swing big confidently without fearing having their hands shaken up from a mishit ball.
    • This all takes energy from the handle of the bat and directs it towards the barrel for added power performance.
  • Ultra Thin 1.2 mm Composite Handle
    • Incredibly easy to wrap your fingers around, I’ve become a huge advocate of Easton for this.
    • Allows players to develop proper gripping habits as they grab the bat using the knuckles of the hand which allows for better movement and strength.
    • Grabbing the bat with your palm is a recipe for weakly hit groundballs and pop flys.
  • Hyperskin Grip
    • One of the most innovative grip technologies in the market. The HyperSkin promotes comfort, power and grip strength at the plate by making the handle of the bat incredibly easy to grip strongly.

Overall, most parents cannot go wrong with this bat. It’s a premium piece and will deliver like crazy. Elevate your performance with an Easton bat, also might want to look into the XL3 if you’re looking for an optimal power hitting stick.