Top 10 Best Wooden Bats 2016

The best wooden bats are made up of Northern White Ash, a top-quality wood from Pennsylvania. This wood provides a straight grain required to make the perfect bat, though they are some of the most expensive wooden bats too. Therefore, many players prefer to choose something more suitable. To buy the best bat for your needs depends upon your level of the game and your budget. To guide you through the different bats available, here is a review of the current top 10 best wooden bats on the market.

We also cover the best wood fungo bats here. ​


Rawlings Velo R110CV Maple

It has a great look that catches your eye on the rack, and you will struggle to stop yourself from purchasing it. The bat is beautifully balanced and has the best combination of bamboo and maple. It is made up of the strongest material available on the market. It comes up with a 90-day warranty.

Pros: You can witness line drives while shooting off the bat.

Cons: High-gloss finish over a dark barrel color allows the small indentations to be seen easier than a typical wooden bat.


Brett Bros MM110

Though its looks will not catch your eye so readily, its features certainly make up for it. It has an exquisite barrel finish and the handle is made of lightweight fiberglass. These features make it different from other bats. Also, it is small size helps you to increase the speed of the bat, though good contact with the ball is required. By mixing bamboo and maple, its lifespan increases.

Pros: It is incredibly light in weight.

Cons: It stings yours hands a little more than a number of similar bats.

3. Mizuno MZB271 Bamboo Baseball Bat

Mizuno MZB271 Bamboo Baseball Bat

This bat boasts exceptional durability. It is the top bat in the bamboo game that simply makes the wooden bat the best. It provides high speed for the exit because of the bamboo in its construction. It also has a great finish, and sleek look, as well as being well-manufactured. Though it is well balanced, it is quite heavy.

Pros: The bamboo in its construction makes it the best.

Cons: Its handle is a little rough.

4. Sam KB1 Maple Bat

Sam KB1 Maple Bat

This brand is not that popular. However, with time, it is making a name as the only company that uses maple wooden planks to create its bats. It performs consistently, though its appearance is not the most attractive. Also, this bat is the most expensive wooden bat as the company focuses more on quality rather than quantity.

Pros: It is the best quality maple bat.

Cons: It is heavier than other bats.


It has a sleek design and is unique a bat when compared to similar bats. It has a long barrel and is extremely durable. What’s more, it is thicker and well balanced. It has a slim handle which increases swing speed. It is a grade 1 quality maple bat. As the Victus company is new, it makes it harder for people to trust it.

Pros: The highest quality maple is used.

Cons: It doesn’t come with a warranty.

6.  Axe L180 Maple Composite Bat

Axe L180 Maple Composite Bat

Axe is also not the biggest of companies, but its flagship bat has a unique twist. It has a hard and durable exterior that will help when hitting the ball. It also has an axe handle that makes it unique when compared to standard handles and increases your swing speed. Its comfortable grip also helps players feel more at ease.

Pros: It comes up with a 120-day warranty.

Cons: The unique axe handle makes it difficult for players to get used to it.

7. Marucci CU26 Maple

Marucci CU26 Maple

It is a good quality, well-balanced bat made of maple. Even after you played a whole season with this bat, it is so durable that it won’t be damaged. However, it is end loaded meaning that it is heavy, and its hits are not as powerful as you would like.

Pros: It is incredibly durable.

Cons: It has no grip tape making grip weaker.

8. Demarini DX243 Maple Composite Bat

Demarini DX243 Maple Composite Bat

This is a great bat, which boasts a combination of strength and quality. Even though it comes with a three-month warranty it isn’t really needed as it is almost unbreakable. It makes that great “pop” sound when it comes in contact with the ball on the sweet spot. It is end loaded and provides a great hit.

Pros: It is highly recommended for power hitters.

Cons: It can feel somewhat slippery as the grip isn’t the best.

9. MaxBat WM9 Maple Wood Bat

This is a company that isn’t exactly famous but really does make high-quality bats, which look unique. This bat is of the same pedigree of any other quality maple bat.

Pros: Players who use it loved its quality.

Cons: The measurements of the bat are a little odd.

10. Old Hickory MT27M Maple

Old Hickory MT27M Maple

Though this bat looks ordinary, it is end loaded and offers a great “pop”. The maple used in the construction of bat makes high-speed exits. It comes complete with a well designed, slim handle.

Pros: It is highly durable.

Cons: A few people complained that the bat breaks quickly.


The list demonstrates that there is a wide range of bats available on the market today. Instead of listening to others or simply buying the first bat that you see, it is better to take your times, do a little research and even try out a few bats before settling on a bat that proves to be a home run.