2017 Adidas AeroBurner

Most people hear “Adidas” and instantly think of shoes and clothing made of great quality. This is true, however, Adidas is also a top leader in sporting goods for baseball, football, softball, soccer, volleyball, basketball, and various other sports. Adidas supplies a wide variance of shoes, clothing, and sporting goods in a wide array of styles and colors. Some of you may have heard of the 2017 Adidas Aeroburner in the sports news in reference with the Miami Hurricanes. This baseball bat was released in the summer of 2016 and has been in the headlines quite a bit. Adidas named the baseball bat, “Adidas Aeroburner” like they did with their “Adidas RBZ”. Both baseball bats were given a taylor-made “club line name”; which is owned by Adidas as well. The Adidas RBZ had been released by the company the year before. Best Place to buy the Adidas Aero Burner? Almost the only place to get a good deal on the Adidas Aero Burner bat is on eBay. We looked on several major manufacturer sites and found they lacked the sizing if not just flat out inventory. But, as always, eBay pricing is great on new and used bats. Track Auctions With the 2017 Adidas Aeroburner being utilized by the Miami Hurricanes, a few things can be said about this baseball bat. The Adidas Aeroburner is a BBCOR space baseball bat (check out top BBCOR Bats here). It is manufactured as a one-piece, aluminum alloy bat that gives off a great sound when the player makes contact with the baseball. One of the highest reviews a baseball bat can receive is being used on a regular basis by a great team such as the Miami Hurricanes. The baseball players love to use it as well, as no player has said differently and there have been no issues with the players stating another baseball bat could have improved their game stats either. Noticeable in the sports news also is the lack of other major collegiate sports teams not having their new 2017 sports gear being used as Adidas does. Slugger, DeMarini, and Easton seem to be either behind schedule with getting these baseball bats out into the league. This gives Adidas an advantage above the rest and also shows that the method of their strategies are more dominant. They are trying to make sure they are known in both the composite bats and the aluminum bats line up for 2017. The only other company to bring out any 2017 products to be used by the collegiate sports team is Rawlings. They have made their Quarto BBCOR available to only a select few hitters. This baseball bat will hit the market in the fall. The understanding is that the 2017 Adidas Aeroburner will be taking over where the 2015 Adidas EQT X1 left off for both advanced high-school athlete and the collegiate athlete. Both, the 2017 Adidas Aeroburner, as well as the 2015 Adidas EQT X1 are manufactured as a heavier swing bat that is a […]