Top Quality Bamboo Bats

There are many types of wood bats and composite bats available on the market, including maple wood bats, ash bats, white ash bats, hickory bats, and composite wood bats. If you are unsure of which quality wooden bat fits your needs, bamboo wood makes a great choice for amateurs and professional major league baseball players alike. There are some helpful tips and ideas that can guide you through the selection process. First of all, bamboo wood bats are designed by pressing bamboo strips together to form a single billet and come with numerous benefits. One of the main benefits of bamboo wood bats is that they possess more tensile strength than other woods and even steel. Secondly, bamboo bats offer a lightweight swing with different barrel diameters and are made from composite wood which is mostly bamboo or single bamboo piece wood. They are suitable for kids, amateurs and professionals alike. Bamboo bats are commonly used for practice in bat houses and in college and high school baseball leagues.If you already know the type of bat you are looking for, you can browse through a collection of bats available on this site and then buy online or visit a physical store. How to choose the best quality bamboo bats for your needs1: Consider the turn model. You should keep in mind that the turn features of a bat can determine how easy or difficult the bat may be, in terms of weight, swing, and feel. If you are finding it difficult to choose the right turn model, you may want to consider the barrel diameter of your favorite bamboo bat which could measure between 2 ½” and 2 ¾”. The 2 ½” barrel diameter bat seems to be the best for swinging and holding firmly in the hand, especially for amateurs. 2: Consider the handle thickness. Ideally, the handle thickness should be around 1” for effective holding and swinging of the bat under different conditions. Aside from kids who may require a slimmer, lighter bat, your average amateur or professional baseball player can control their bats much better when the thickness of the handle is around 1”. If you are new to bamboo bats, a thick bamboo bat should add to your bat’s durability in addition to being comfortable in your grip. The 110 model series is a bamboo bat that has a once inch thick handle and is the key reason why it is so popular, even among professionals looking for additional bat speed, especially when they are in the hitting zone. If you still can’t feel comfortable with the thickness, you may go for slimmer models that come in 15/16” or 29/32” handle thicknesses. 3: Type of bamboo bat body. In most cases, you may want to consider the ash-wood bamboo bat, as it is the lightest you can find on the market. Due to its relatively light weight, batters love the speed and comfort it brings to the game. The bamboo has a wider grain structure than most other […]