Rawlings Velo -5

The Rawlings Velo is one of the fastest swings senior league bats as of today. It’s a one piece alloy construction with a balanced build for rawlings velo senior leaguean incredibly low moment-of-inertia and blazing bat speed.

I dare say it’s probably top 3 in the bat speed department for bats this year, if not at the very top. Rivaled only by the likes of the Omaha 515, the CAT 6 and the Vexxum.

What makes this bat particularly stand out is that Rawlings is known for producing one of the strongest alloys in the game. Giving the VELO a bit of an edge over the rest of the bats.

However, the real difference comes in the actual specs which we’ll be getting into soon.

But right here is the Best Pricing Option Online as per our research.


Rawlings Velo Bat Technology


  • High Strength VELO
    • As I stated before, the Velo material that Rawlings uses for this bat is incredibly strong.
    • Comes hot right out of the wrapper. Little to no breaking in period needed for this bat.
    • It also strengthens with time as the barrel becomes stiffer.
    • The real edge on this bat comes in the form of the strength of the alloy. Incredibly so for the Rawlings Velo, probably top 3 in the industry if not the very best.
  • Comp-Lite End Cap
    • The End Cap on this bat creates for a very balanced swing and a smooth path to the ball. Players can enjoy more control and speed through the hitting zone which are imperative aspects of a proper hitting mechanic.
  • Low M.O.I Design
    • The reason for this bat’s swing speed is the low M.O.I design which creates an incredibly balanced bat.
    • As the player swings, the balance point (or the gravity center) of the bat stays in the middle and the barrel feels lighter. This allows players to exert greater force and control through the zone.
    • Heavier bats can actually feel incredibly light with this type of design.
  • Balanced Construction
    • Read above.

This bat is greater for lighter hitters (such as the top of the line-up type) looking for a bat that allows them to make solid contact more often and also improve their bat speed dramatically.

I myself am a huge fan of such bats. I used the Rawlings 5150 throughout high school and was able to enjoy greater success than when I used end-loaded composite bats.

Either way, this is a great choice.