Marucci Hex

The Marucci Hex is a peculiar alloy senior league bat with incredibly low M.O.I designed for lightning fast bat speed, greater control and optimal balance.marucci hex

It’s very similar to the CAT 6, however, the CAT 6 does not come in anything lower than a -8, as such the Hex was brought to the world in order to serve the younger crowd.

We scoured the internet and were able to track down Amazon’s Best Price Listing which you can click to through that link.

But without further ado, let’s kick into some of the specs of this bat.





Marucci Hex Bat Technology

  • Ring-free AZ4X Alloy Barrel
    • It’s already a well known fact that alloy barrels come extremely hot right out of the wrapper.
    • In addition to that, the AZ4X strengthens with time and hits. As such, as players begin to use it for practice, in-game or what have you – not only will comfort increase (by virtue of using the bat) but also the bat will stiffen and become stronger.
    • The durability will also be elongated and the bat will have a longer life span.
  • One-Piece Alloy Construction
    • This bat maintains an incredibly low moment-of-inertia and thus produces incredibly bat speed by being a one-piece alloy construction.
    • What this means is that not only will players be able to control the bat better through the hitting zone, but also exert greater bat speed through it.
    • A low M.O.I is produced by maintaining the balance point of the bat in the middle so players feel the weight of the bat to be lower despite its actual mass. Whereas, a bat that has an end-load and thus a higher M.O.I. will feel heavier and harder to control (or stop mid-swing) due to its having the balance point shift towards the barrel during the swing.
  • Maximum Barrel Length
    • This bat’s barrel is maximized in order to give players a larger area of coverage during their swing.
    • An enlarged barrel along with a very low swing weight index makes for an incredibly hot bat, and also very easy to make hard solid contact with.
  • Ultra-soft micro-perforated comfort grip
    • This bat features one of the most comfortable grips in the game. Nuff said.

Overall, a great bat for any players looking to maximize their hitting potential. Honestly, best for lighter hitters looking for maximum bat speed and optimal plate coverage at a great price point.