Louisville Slugger Select 716 -5

The Louisville Slugger Select 716 is the hybrid swing senior league bat by Louisville Slugger.

It’s not a fully composite power hitting beast like the Prime, but it’s also not a light one piece alloy like the Omaha.

It’s generally designed for contact hitters looking for maximum bat speed while also generating a bit of pop. Because this bat is not fully alloy, you will have to make up for the bat speed yourself (by developing proper swing mechanics) as well as it will not have its maximum power potential (at least not as much as the Prime) so you’d have to make up for that department as well.

With that said, this bat is great for players who are not looking to overpower the ball over the fence or are seeking blazing bat speed but they do prefer a solid mix of the two.

I’m a fan of alloy barrels so this would be a bat I’d choose over the Prime series. However, that’s up to personal preference.

Louisville Slugger Bat Technology

  • AC21 Alloy Barrel
    • Incredibly hot alloy barrel proprietary of Slugger, this is the material that has made the Omaha series one of the top alloy bats in the market.
    • Strengthens with every swing and comes extremely hot right out of the wrapper.
  • TRU3 Explosive Power Transfer
    • Keeps the energy focused on the barrel of the bat and produces a trampoline effect at contact.
    • Also keeps vibration and sting away from the hitters’ hands so they may swing with full confidence.
    • Performs extremely well in energy redirection to avoid feedback and is the driving factor behind the launch speeds this bat produces.
  • Pure 360 Composite Handle
    • Works in conjunction with the TRU3 Technology to maintain incredible comfort and optimal feel for hitters at the plate.
    • Adds strength to the swing while maintaining the walls thin with optimal power.
    • The Pure 360 Handle makes it possible for the bat to maintain blazing bat speed through the zone by maintain the weight of the barrel relatively low.
  • Lizards Skins™ Grip
    • One of the most comfortable grips in the market. Used by many major leaguers and players all across the nation.

Overall, one of the most comfortable and powerful bats you can purchase. A great choice for hitters of all sizes. Comparable to the Voodoo Raw by DeMarini.