Louisville Slugger Prime 916 -5

louisville slugger prime 916The Louisville Slugger Prime 916 is right up there with the best two piece composite power hitting senior league bats in the market.

It’s competing against the DeMarini CF8 and the Easton Mako XL which are tough rivals to go up against. In the College World Series, Slugger outshone everybody else by being the bat with which most homers were hit.

It is also the go-to bat of choice of the many of the country’s top baseball programs as well. There’s a chance if you’re looking for this bat you also looked into the Select 716 or the Omaha.

I’ll lay out the differences here:

The Select 716 is a two piece hybrid construction bat, whereas the the Prime 916 is a two piece fully composite bat. The Prime is built for for maximum power and optimal pop. The Select is also built for power but with a touch of bat speed as well. The alloy barrel is also preferred by some folks, but they wouldn’t necessarily like swinging a lighter bat such as the Omaha.

It’s most similar to the Voodoo series by DeMarini.

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 Louisville Slugger Prime 916 Bat Technology

  • Fuse Carbon Structure Composite Design
    • The FCS Composite material used for this bat is responsible for much of the power and pop it generates at the plate.
    • The barrel of this bat creates a trampoline effect at the point of contact that sends baseballs screaming all over the outfield with tremendous exit speed.
  • TRU3 Explosive Power Transfer
    • The TRU3 Transfer virtually eliminates all bat sting and vibration so players can enjoy a more comfortable hitting experience at the plate.
    • It does this by maintaining energy concentrated in the barrel of the bat where it belongs and ultimately directing it right into the ball at contact.
    • This is a very explosive technology and responsible for launching balls over the fence at Omaha.
  • Lizards Skins™ Grip
    • One of the most comfortable grips in the market, the Lizards Skin grip has been popularized and heavily used by Major League ballplayers such as Big Papi.

Overall, this is a great bat for power hitters looking to launch some baseballs this season. It’s not really suited for smaller / lighter hitters who are looking for more contact and bat speed.

Can’t go wrong with this bat.