Louisville Slugger Omaha 515 -5

omaha 515

The Louisville Slugger Omaha 515 has classified itself as one of the fastest bat speeds within the realm of senior league bats. It’s a one piece alloy construction bat fully designed for speed, balance and control over the plate.

This bat is only really rivaled by a handful, namely the CAT 6 and the VELO which are extremely quick bats as well.

The bat speed the Omaha produces is made possible by maintaining an incredibly low moment of inertia and keeping the balance point centered within the bat.

As the barrel comes around the hitting zone, players can actually feel the barrel of the bat become lighter and a lot easier to control and manipulate. This is great when adjusting to off-speed pitches or taking the ball the other way, which makes it a great bat for those hitting at the top of the lineup.

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Let’s get into the specs.

Louisville Slugger Omaha 515 Bat Technology

  • ST+20 alloy
    • One of the strongest alloys in the game, the ST+20 is strengthened with the passing of time and as the bat is worn in.
    • Comes extremely hot right out of the wrapper and is ultra responsive.
    • One of the few alloy bats that can really produce tons of power and pop at the plate. It’s what’s made this bat one of the most popular amongst players.
  • 2 5/8″ barrel
  • 7/8″ Tapered Handle
  • USSSA 1.15 BPF Certified
  • Low M.O.I
    • Like I stated before, the low moment-of-inertia is created by optimizing the balance of the bat.
    • Bats with higher M.O.I such as the Mako XL tend to have slightly slower bat speed and are harder to control. For instance if you were to try to stop mid-swing.

Overall, this is a great bat for lighter hitters looking for blazing bat speed, ultimate control and optimal balance. Awesome for pushing the ball the other way or pulling an inside pitch down the line.

Very versatile bat.