Easton XL1 -5

easton xl1

The Easton XL1 has been at the helm of power hitting senior league bats for some time now. Its enlarged barrel and power producing technology is still to be topped, what’s even scarier is that in 2016 it joined the Mako realm and re-branded itself as the Easton Mako XL.

Regardless, the XL series remains incredibly popular amongst power hitters.

It’s a two piece composite with a rubber slug at the center of the bat for energy maintenance and maintains the usual ultra-thin handle by Easton which has made it ever so popular.

I actually really prefer these thin handles as it makes easier for me to wrap my knuckles around the bat better. Seeing as I’m not exactly 6 feet tall.

But either way, let’s crack right into the bat specs.

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Easton XL1 Bat Technology

  • IMX Advanced Technology Barrel
    • The barrel of this bat is extra-long to give players much more energy and plate coverage when hitting. This provides a major advantage against pitchers at the plate, which is important seeing as we’re in an incredibly pitcher-dominant era.
    • This composite IMX barrel also provides incredibly pop and power for hitters. Easton’s using some of the most innovative and groundbreaking technology when it comes to their bats.
    • That’s why they’ve been able to stay on top for decades now. Expect nothing but disgusting power from this bat.
  • SIC Black Carbon Handle
    • The SIC Black Carbon Handle provides ultimate feel and comfort by eliminating a substantial amount of vibration.
    • By giving players this massive advantage of being able to attack at the ball with greater confidence (seeing as they wouldn’t have to think about getting their hands stung on a mishit ball), hitters can not only gain a peace of mind but also focus on putting the ball where the fielders ain’t…and that’s over the fence.
  • ConneXion Piece Technology
    • The CXN piece at the center of the bat helps to keep the energy concentrated in the barrel without reaching the handle of the bat. By doing this, the hitters can not only enjoy greater launch speeds but it also aids in eliminating vibration on their hands.

Overall, this bat is fully designed to hit massive bombs. Great for players looking to add extra distance to their batted balls and just absolutely crush bombs.

Not so much for lighter hitters looking for extra pop, those might want to look into hybrid bats such as the Voodoo by DeMarini.