DeMarini Voodoo -5

demarini voodoo overlord youth

The DeMarini Voodoo Overlord has quickly turned itself into one of the premiere senior league bats around by proving to be one of the lightest swings with an incredibly amount of power.

The Voodoo series was popularized by Harper and has since stayed a staple in many players’ arsenal.

It’s a two piece hybrid bat composed of an alloy barrel and a composite handle.

It features a 2 5/8″ barrel, is USSSA 1.15 BPF Certified, a -5 Weight / Length Ratio.

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This bat also comes with a slight end-load which is at the source for most of its power. By shifting the balance point towards the barrel of the bat, players and exert greater energy and momentum into the ball.

But more on that later, let’s dive right into the specs.

DeMarini Voodoo Bat Technology

  • X10 Alloy Barrel
    • The alloy barrel of this bat allows DeMarini to keep the thinnest points of this bat incredibly strong for maximum pop, strength and durability.
    • Because the barrel is made of aluminum, it comes extremely hot right out of the wrapper with little to no breaking in period. This allows for players to enjoy a game-ready bat straight off the shelves.
    • The X10 Alloy material also strengthens with time and elongates the lifetime of the bat.
  • D-Fusion FT Handle 
    • The composite handle on this bat virtually eliminates all vibration and sting by being fused together with what’s dubbed a “Flame Tempered” treatment which we’ll talk about later.
    • This process is unique to DeMarini as Louisville Slugger uses a ring inside the bat called a “Flex Band” and Easton utilizes a slug at the center of the bat called their “ConneXion” piece.
    • DeMarini is the only one that fuses the handle and the barrel together which is very innovative.
  • The FT (flame tempered) treatment
    • The “fusing” process they use is not fully disclosed to the public, but it makes it so the energy of the bat is contained within the barrel of the bat.
    • While maintaining the energy in the barrel, players can enjoy greater pop and launch speeds at the plate all the while improving their comfort, feel and balance.
  • Low Pro End Cap
    • The Low Pro End Cap is a dual density cap at the end of the barrel that creates an incredibly smooth and balanced swing.
    • It also aids in regulating the center of gravity and players can exert greater control speed through the hitting zone. This aids tremendously in in-game hitting performance.

Overall, this is one of the better bats on the market, a new version is now out – the Voodoo Raw which saw some slight improvements in its technology and energy management.