DeMarini Vexxum -5

demarini nvs senior league

The DeMarini Vexxum is the light swinging two hybrid construction bat installment of DeMarini’s senior league bats lineup.

There’s the two piece composite CF8, the two piece hybrid Voodoo Raw and then there’s the NVS Vexxum.

This bat is designed with a low M.O.I in mind with an overall physical construction made for maximum bat speed, optimal balance and control through the hitting zone.

By keeping the balance point of the bat centered in the middle, this bat is able to blaze through the hitting zone with relative ease – thus, the name “New Velocity System”.

The Voodoo and the CF are known for being power producing bats. The Voodoo featuring a slight-end load with an alloy barrel, and the CF for having a massive barrel with an enhanced sweet spot.

On the other hand, the Vexxum promises bat speed and balance – perfect for contact and slap hitters looking to put ’em where they ain’t.

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With all that said and done – let’s get into the specs of this bat.

DeMarini NVS Vexxum Bat Technology

  • New NVS (New Velocity System) Barrel Design
    • A huge factor behind this bat’s phenomenal success is the geometrical design of the barrel of the bat that allows it to contain incredible bat speed with the maximum amount of the power.
    • This is what separates the NVS from most of the one piece alloy bats in the industry – its barrel design.
  • X12 Alloy Barrel
    • Incredibly strong and responsive alloy barrel. Stiffens with time and comes hot right out of the wrapper.
    • This alloy allows DeMarini to maintain very thin walls within the barrel without compromising power, which is a huge factor for how this bat produces incredible bat speed through the zone.
  • C6 Composite Handle
    • The C6 Composite Handle promises comfort and balance at the plate which is great for hitters looking to make consistent contact with the ball.
  • Low Profile D Cap
    • Improves balance and creates a balanced swing at the plate.
    • Also absorbs and eliminates vibration from the hitter’s hands. This will allow players to swing confidently at the plate without fearing having their hands shaken up.

Overall, this bat is for players looking to maximize their swing speed while making hard – solid contact with the ball. It’s one of the top 3 fastest swings in the market as of today.

Rivaled only by the likes of the Omaha and the CAT 6 though they all have some major differences between them.