DeMarini CF8 -5

demarini cf8 senior league

The DeMarini CF8 is the latest installment of the CF series by DeMarini. It was preceded by the 2015 CF7 which was a major success in the market.

This is DeMarini’s two piece power hitting composite drop 5 senior league bat. Most similar to the Mako XL and the Prime 916 who are Easton and Slugger’s power hitting sticks respectively.

There are a few major differences between the three of them, and also between the Voodoo and this bat.

For one, the Voodoo is characterized by its hybrid construction. It’s constituted by an alloy barrel and and a composite handle, whereas the CF is fully composite.

In terms of pop, I’d say the CF beats out the Voodoo in that department – however, some folks prefer an alloy barrel over a composite one. I’m a huge fan of alloy bats, so I’d be the type go with the Voodoo.

The biggest difference between the Mako XL and the CF8 is the barrel design. The Mako series already has an enlarged barrel, now add on top of that the extra-long design of the XL and you get tons of plate coverage with a slightly bigger margin of error for producing hard solid contact.

The Prime 916 and the CF8 also have their slight differences, but slightly it comes down to power and player preference.

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DeMarini CF8 Bat Technology

  • Paradox +Plus Composite
    • The Paradox+ creates for an incredibly hot barrel, not much has changed since the CF7.
    • It still produces massive energy at the plate in conjunction with a trampoline effect that shoots baseballs into the stratosphere.
    • One of the major components behind the success of the CF.
  • Hot, High Strength Carbon Fiber Barrel
    • This is new to the CF8. Aims to increase speed and balance through the hitting zone giving players a greater chance at making hard contact more often.
  • ThermoFused Taper
    • Improved technology for reducing and eliminating vibration and sting at the plate. Greatly improves comfort and feel for players.
  • D-Fusion 2.0 Handle
    • The 2nd installment and a significant improvement from last year’s composite handle. Great for comfort, feel and balance. Not much has changed except slight improvements in the technology used.
  • Low Pro End Cap
    • Again, not much has changed from last year. Still produces a smooth and balanced swing through the hitting zone while allowing the players to stay on a power position for a longer period of time.

The CF8 has quickly classified itself as one of the most powerful bats in the industry and it’s easy to see why. DeMarini has been known for producing incredibly hot sticks and this one is not an exception.

Great for power hitters looking to elevate their game and for those who take their baseball careers seriously.