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easton xl1

The Easton XL1 has been at the helm of power hitting senior league bats for some time now. Its enlarged barrel and power producing technology is still to be topped, what’s even scarier is that in 2016 it joined the Mako realm and re-branded itself as the Easton Mako XL.

Regardless, the XL series remains incredibly popular amongst power hitters.

It’s a two piece composite with a rubber slug at the center of the bat for energy maintenance and maintains the usual ultra-thin handle by Easton which has made it ever so popular.

I actually really prefer these thin handles as it makes easier for me to wrap my knuckles around the bat better. Seeing as I’m not exactly 6 feet tall.

But either way, let’s crack right into the bat specs.

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Easton XL1 Bat Technology

  • IMX Advanced Technology Barrel
    • The barrel of this bat is extra-long to give players much more energy and plate coverage when hitting. This provides a major advantage against pitchers at the plate, which is important seeing as we’re in an incredibly pitcher-dominant era.
    • This composite IMX barrel also provides incredibly pop and power for hitters. Easton’s using some of the most innovative and groundbreaking technology when it comes to their bats.
    • That’s why they’ve been able to stay on top for decades now. Expect nothing but disgusting power from this bat.
  • SIC Black Carbon Handle
    • The SIC Black Carbon Handle provides ultimate feel and comfort by eliminating a substantial amount of vibration.
    • By giving players this massive advantage of being able to attack at the ball with greater confidence (seeing as they wouldn’t have to think about getting their hands stung on a mishit ball), hitters can not only gain a peace of mind but also focus on putting the ball where the fielders ain’t…and that’s over the fence.
  • ConneXion Piece Technology
    • The CXN piece at the center of the bat helps to keep the energy concentrated in the barrel without reaching the handle of the bat. By doing this, the hitters can not only enjoy greater launch speeds but it also aids in eliminating vibration on their hands.

Overall, this bat is fully designed to hit massive bombs. Great for players looking to add extra distance to their batted balls and just absolutely crush bombs.

Not so much for lighter hitters looking for extra pop, those might want to look into hybrid bats such as the Voodoo by DeMarini.


2016 Easton Mako TORQ XL

2016 easton mako torq xl

This edition of the Easton Mako BBCOR Bat series is an all things considered bomb-dropping piece of baseball aristocracy and this is one of the top bbcor bats to come out in recent years..

Equipped with innovative groundbreaking technology, a jaw-dropping graphic design and the power to send baseballs into another hemisphere – the 2016 Easton Mako TORQ XL has made a huge splash in the market following some major marketing hype and a carefully crafted introduction such as this one.

This bat is simply one of the most technologically advanced pieces of work in the realm of baseball.

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All technologies featured in the Mako are proprietary to Easton, including the revolutionary TORQ handle that’s been the focal point of major arguments and heated discussion within the game.

One thing that is absolutely for sure is that this bat is fully designed to crush baseballs. The XL end-load (formerly the XL1) in addition to the Mako’s barrel size creates for an extremely hot bat.

Now into this equation comes the CXN piece that connects the handle and the barrel. This element eliminates sting and bat feedback at the point of contact and utilizes that otherwise wasted energy to direct it back into the ball.

Then, there’s the Thermo Composite Technology™ (TCT) which enlarges the sweet spot and uses groundbreaking sciency stuff to redirect energy from your hands, into the barrel and ultimately into the ball to launch it halfway across the globe.

In comes the TORQ handle, a spinning piece of technology that aims to correct miscues in a player’s swing such as the hands breaking (or rotating) too early which would otherwise produce weak ground-outs and instead put the hitter in a power position where they can fully exert all their might into the ball.

2016 Easton Mako XL

2016 easton mako xl

The MAKO XL Series has come along since Easton decided to abandon the XL1 name and instead made it a part of the Easton Mako accommodating some power into their best-selling bat family and this is one of the top bbcor bats to come out in recent years.

This bat is without a doubt made with the power hitters in mind and those who enjoy an end-loaded beast fully designed to crush bombs. ‘Cause chicks dig the long ball.

It has everything you’d expect in a power hitter:

  1. The Look: The perfect contrast of the green and black add to the power hitter’s plate presence which is already menacing enough.
  2. The Feel: The HyperSkin™ grip with the 1.2mm diameter makes the bat not only easy to wrap your knuckles around, but it feels damn comfortable as well.
  3. The Power: The bat features an added 0.5 oz end-load to produce even more power than the Mako already is capable through its intrinsic nature.

It’s a match made in heaven. Look good, feel good, hit jacks.

The bat does tend to be a bit pricier so we went out and scoured the net for the best pricing available:

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Something to note here: this is NOT the 2016 Mako XL TORQ version. This bat is without the rotating TORQ handle. But you can click through to that link to find out more information about this bat’s performance when in conjunction with the spinning technology.

Easton MAKO XL Bat Technology

This bat comes equipped with Easton’s signature ground-breaking technology:

  1. CXN
    • This connective piece sits at the middle of the bat and works to reduce unwanted sting and feedback, and instead redirect that energy into the barrel at the point of contact. Essentially it takes away the hurt from you and puts it back into the ball.
  2. TCT™
    • The Thermo Composite Technology™ proprietary of Easton is also an innovative piece of technology that also redirects energy from your body and hands through the barrel and into the ball.
    • When you couple such innovative elements with an end-loaded bat featuring an oversized barrel – well you get hitting performance teetering on the edge of BBCOR standards and an incredibly hot bat.

All-in-all this is the ultimate power hitter’s bat rivaled by very few and unmistakable in sight. A great addition to anyone’s arsenal who can not only afford it but also who can handle it.

It does take considerable strength to wield this unruly beast, but its performance stands up there in a class of elite baseball performance standards.

Easton XL1

easton xl1

The Easton XL1 is one of Easton’s most popular bats outside the Mako bat series, and as of 2016 it has been included within that family. Now branding itself as the Easton Mako XL alongisde the Easton Mako TORQ and its half-brother the 2016 Easton MAKO TORQ XL.

The XL1, however, still remains one of the top bbcor bats in the industry and a heavy favorite amongst baseball players ranging from little league to high school to elite college programs.

It’s widely known as one of the go-to power hitting bats and by the looks of it – it’s only getting better. Some people are even going as far as saying this is the best bbcor bat out right now.

It certainly seems so.

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Let’s get into some of the specs:

Easton XL1 Bat Technology

  • CXN
    • This connective piece virtually eliminates all bat sting from mishit balls which is awesome for power hitters as it gives them the ability to swing for the fences and without having to think about having their hands shaken up.
    • With that ease of mind, it’s easier to have a mental advantage over the pitcher and not have to think about getting jammed on an inside pitch.
    • Instead we can focus our mental real estate on more promising tasks: doing yard work.
    • It should also be noted that this piece of technology redirects energy from the handle of the bat into the barrel which is a major factor for why this bat has so much power.
    • In other words, it maximizes energy transfer within the bat.
  • 0.5oz End Load
    • As accustomed to the XL family, the bat is designed with a 0.5 oz end load for the extra power, most players are familiar with how this works so it’s not something I’m going to deeply delve into.
  • IMX Advanced Composite Barrel
    • This feature aims to maximize and enhance the sweet spot to provide players for the absolute maximum performance.
    • Add that to the fact that this bat has been tested as one of the quicker swings in the industry, which also adds to the power of a player’s performance.
  • Sic Black Carbon Handle
    • The Handle on this bat works in conjunction with the CXN piece to eliminate sting and optimize energy transfer.
    • However, the Sic Black Carbon handle also allows players to enjoy a more comfortable hitting experience which improves in-game performance.

Overall, it’s easy to see why this bat continues to reign as one of the most (if not the most) popular bats in the industry, it’ll be interesting to see how the switch over to the Mako series impacts the reception and the performance of this bat.

So be on the lookout for that. We’ll definitely be keeping a close watch for it.

We’ll continue to update this page if anything changes throughout the year. We hope you guys enjoyed this review and make sure to contact us if you have any questions or comments.


Louisville Slugger Omaha 516

louisville slugger omaha 516

Not much has changed in the Omaha 516 BBCOR except for pretty much everything.

The concept of this bat which is to provide lightning-quick bat speed and maximize the bat’s performance in terms of pop, comfort, and feel remains the same.

However, in order to turn it into one of the best bbcor bats of 2016, Slugger changed the alloy of the bat, which is the biggest difference from the Omaha 515 as well as adding in their proprietary TRU3 Technology.

Meaning, this bat is much more potent and powerful than last year’s version.

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Let’s get into the specs.

Louisville Slugger Omaha 516 Bat Technology

  • 7U1 Alloy Design
    • From the previous ST+20 Alloy, Louisville Slugger has upgraded to the 7U1 Alloy. Keep in mind that the ST+20 was already regarded by the industry as one of the strongest in the game, so Slugger is just bringing the heat at this point.
    • Extremely hot right out of the wrapper and stiffens with every swing giving players a massive advantage over those swinging lesser bats.
    • Like I mentioned before, most likely the strongest alloy construction bat in the market making this one of the top light swinging bats in the industry as of today.
  • TRU3 – Explosive Power Transfer
    • The TRU3 technology was added to this bat also as an improvement from the Flex Band which adds even more barrel flex as the bat comes around which launches balls at incredible speed with a trampoline effect.
    • This piece of technology also virtually eliminates all bat sting and feedback while maintaining a strong and stiff handle for players to swing off of.
  • Lizard Skins Grip
    • The Lizard Skins Grip is highly regarded as one of the top (if not the top) grips in the industry. It has been heavily popularized by major league all-stars and many elite baseball programs in the world.
    • The comfort, feel, and performance this element provides is unrivaled as of today.

Overall, you can start to see why this bat is the absolute best of its kind. With incredible bat speed, maximum pop and bat control, it is one of the go to bats in the baseball market for lighter hitters looking to elevate their game.

This bat’s one of the main factors why Slugger is one of the most heavily preferred brands within elite programs across the nation.


Louisville Slugger Omaha 515

omaha 515

The 2015 Louisville Slugger Omaha 515 BBCOR is a light swinging, one-piece alloy construction beast that’s been at the helm of its kind for a while now.

(Note: You might be interested in the Omaha 516)

With a relatively light swing weight, the bat maintains an extremely low moment-of-inertia which attributes to the quicker swings that players experience with this kind of bat.

The way this works is by putting the center of gravity in the middle of the bat (as opposed to towards the end like the Prime 915, or Prime 916) and thus allowing the players to exert greater bat speed and control through the hitting zone.

But let’s go into what makes this bat unique and separates it from the 5150, the S1, or the Vexxum.

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Louisville Slugger Omaha 515 Bat Technology

  • ST+20 alloy
    • The entire bat is made of ST+20 Alloy which optimizes the barrel of the bat for maximum power by providing a trampoline effect at the point of contact for greater exit speeds.
    • The Alloy also comes hot right out of the wrapper and stiffens with every hit, so there’s very little (if any) breaking in to do.
    • By enhancing the sweet spot and lowering the M.O.I this bat provides incredibly quick swing speed but also gives players ample room to work with within the barrel and make solid contact more often.
  • Flex Band
    • The Flex Band works to optimize Barrel flex which causes that trampoline effect we talked about earlier as to send balls screaming all over the outfield.
  • Low M.O.I. / Swing Weight
    • Let’s break this down a little further for those that are still unclear as to what this entails.
    • When a bat has a “Lower Swing Weight” it doesn’t necessarily mean the mass of the bat but rather how the bat performs as the swing takes place.
    • One piece bats such as this one, tend to have lower swing weights because their balance point is directly in the center of the bat which allows players to swing faster through the hitting zone as well as maintain better control of the bat.
    • On the other hand, a bat with an “end-load” will have the balance point shift towards the barrel of the bat as it comes around and thus have more momentum going into the ball. However, the bat speed is significant slower and attempting to “stop” the bat mid-swing will be much harder.

Hopefully that last piece cleared up some doubts about what this technology actually does. This bat maximizes swing speed and promotes bat control which is great for lighter hitters who are looking to “hit the ball where they ain’t” and are also looking for an improved bat speed.

Louisville Slugger Select 716

louisville slugger select 716

The Louisville Slugger Select 716 is one of Slugger’s most highly anticipated bbcor bats for 2016, along with the Prime 916 and the Omaha 516.

This is a hybrid swinging bat with a composite handle and an alloy barrel which is one of the bigger differences between the fully composite Prime series and the one-piece alloy Omaha series.

The price tag is also pocket-friendly (er) than the Prime 916, we were able to find for you guys here:

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We’ve found that the Select 716 is for those players perhaps not looking for over-powering pop on their bat but that are well-rounded hitters and can consistently put the barrel on the ball.

Keep in mind that if you’re a lighter hitter, the Omaha 516 might be the best suit for you. With that said, let’s get into the actual specs.

Louisville Slugger Select 716 Bat Specs


  • AC21 Alloy Barrel
    • The alloy barrel on this bat allows it to be hot right out of the wrapper but also is designed for strength and longevity.
    • This is what separates the Select from the Prime series and is responsible for the hybrid construction.
    • Best designed for players who can put the barrel of the bat on the ball consistently and not looking for crazy power at the plate.
  • TRU3 Connective Piece
    • This connective piece virtually eliminates all feedback and / or sting from mishit balls and instead uses that energy to redirect power back into the barrel of the bat and into the ball.
    • This piece of technology is proprietary to Louisville Slugger and thus cannot be found in any other bat.
  • Pure 360 Composite Handle
    • The composite handle which is the second part of this bat’s 2-piece construction is designed to keep the walls thin while also maintaining (or improving) the strength of the bat.
  • Lizards Skin Grip
    • This grip which has been popularized by players like David Ortiz has been dubbed as one of the best, if not the best, grip in the entire market.
    • The company who manufactures these used to originally make them exclusively for extreme sports equipment until Slugger decided – why not smack it on a baseball bat as well? And the reception has been incredibly positive, making it one of the most innovative and unique pieces that Louisville Slugger bats carry.

Overall, this is one of the better bats on the market, especially for younger players as it’s not as heavy-hitter inclined as the Prime series but rather it’s well balanced.

Its competitive price with the level of performance this bat brings to the table makes it a great choice for anyone looking to add a powerful weapon to their arsenal. Absolutely recommended for all players.


2016 Easton MAKO TORQ

2016 easton mako torq

The 2016 Easton MAKO TORQ has been cause for plenty of controversy and discussion amongst players, coaches and gurus.

Arguments keep spurring up everywhere incessantly, some heated ones at that. But one fact cannot be denied and that is that this is one of the top bbcor bats to come out in recent years.

The question is – How does this bat affect short-term performance, and how does it affect long-term performance?

A: Although the thought of a spinning handle may sound unusual and even feel slightly weird at first, it does put you at a power position during contact which can boost your hitting performance.

This bat can help players fix up some deficiencies that they may have with their swing which has proven to increase short term hitting performance – but how can this help them in the long run?

B: Mad Max made a solid point when he talked about muscle memory and how with enough repetition and swings – the proper habits will be instilled in the players.

As such, when the switch is made over to say…wood bats, many of the deficiencies players had prior to their use of the TORQ handle may actually vanish.

Studies have been conducted ad nauseam on the effects of visualizing and muscle memory on athletes’ performance – this is to say that actually using the Mako TORQ can set-up players to enjoy long-term success with the implementation of correct hitting habits.

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Easton Mako TORQ Bat Technology


In my post about the Easton MAKO I talked about the CXN & TCT™ features but I’ll re-touch on it.

  1. CXN
    • This connective piece serves as an innovative element to reduce sting and feedback from poorly hit balls while also redirecting energy back into the ball at the point of contact for farther distances.
  2. TCT™
    • The Thermo Composite Technology™ also aids in the practice of energy redirection and sending balls screaming all over the field. Simply stated, it creates for a larger sweet spot while maximizing energy transfer from your hands and the bat handle into the barrel. Together with the CXN feature, it makes for an extremely hot bat with industry-leading performance on the field.
  3. TORQ
    • The most popular piece of technology this bat features which is arguably responsible for all of its popularity.
    • The TORQ handle made a huge splash in 2014 and it was released preceding a good amount (read: insane) of marketing hype.
    • The technology was created to help players with poor hitting mechanics be able to enjoy superior performance by providing a rotating handle to reduce the rotation of the bat at the point of contact. In theory, players should find themselves at a power position more often as a result of this technology.

In essence – your hands wouldn’t break (or roll over) at this point as many players’ do and instead you’d enjoy a smooth powerful swing through the hitting zone.

All-in-all this bat would be a great snag for anyone who can afford it. It does tend to be a bit pricier so we found the best pricing found somewhere above at the beginning.


Easton S1

easton s1 bbcor batThe 2015 Easton S1 is a two-piece composite light swinging beast that’s quickly classified itself as of the premiere BBCOR bats in the market.

The bat comes equipped with a speed design as illustrated above which lowers M.O.I. by putting the balance point of the bat in the center which accelerates bat speed through the hitting zone.

This is the biggest difference between the S1 and the XL1. Wherever the center of gravity is within the bat will dictate how the bat performs as the player swings it.

For instance, a bat with the traditional 0.5 oz end-load will have the balance shift towards the barrel of the bat as the player swings. As a result, when contact is made, all the kinetic energy from the swing will be concentrated at the barrel which will catapult the ball onto another hemisphere.

The S1 series, however, is designed to lower the moment of inertia in the bat and as such, have players swing at faster speeds and exert greater control over the barrel of the bat.

This bat is specifically designed for top of the lineup type hitters, I myself used a Rawlings 5150 in high school and I always did better on those game than when I’d use end-loaded bats.

With that said, let’s get into some of the specs of this bat.

Easton S1 Bat Technology

  • IMX Advanced Composite Barrel
    • The IMX Advanced Composite Barrel is unique to Easton and is widely renowned for its ability to produce incredible power with a trampoline like effect at the point of contact.
    • This material also optimizes the sweet spot to provide players with maximum power potential without having to sacrifice bat speed for a heavier bat.
  • CXN
    • The connective ConneXion piece that Easton utilizes produces a whip effect to bring the barrel of the bat around faster which in turn increases the player’s bat speed.
    • This piece also works in conjunction with the handle of the bat to redirect energy from the ball at contact and reduce vibration while sending more power into the barrel of the bat for greater launch speeds.
  • SIC Black Carbon Handle
    • The SIC Black Handle also eliminates vibration and feedback while providing players with a strong lever with which to pull the bat and increasing bat speed through the zone.

In short, it’s easy to see why this is one of the better bats out there on the market.

It’s heavily recommended for lighter hitters looking to increase not only their bat speed but also their comfort, power and feel at the plate. The price tag is also very budget friendly, and the bat is very durable so you’d be getting a pretty sweet deal.