Easton Mako

easton mako

The Easton Mako is without question one of the hottest bbcor bats right now.

In my 2016 Best BBCOR Bats round-up I characterized the Mako as the best overall bat for this year. Here’s some reasons why:

  • Price Point: For being one of the top premium bbcor bats around, it has a relatively low price tag. Especially when compared to the CF or the Prime.
  • Comfort: The Connexion Piece that eliminates all bat sting, the grip Easton uses, and the thin handle all create an incredibly comfortable hitting experience which turns into improved batting performance all around.
  • Power: The Mako inherently features a large barrel, now add to that premium composite technology which gives it ridiculous power and you get one of the top performing bats in the market.

There’s also the Mako XL and the Mako Torq which can also be great choices depending if you want more power (the XL) or improved mechanics (Torq). If you want the best of both worlds, there’s also the Mako XL Torq.

That said, if you want one what is in my honest opinion the best overall bat in the market, you can find the cheapest price below:

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Easton Mako Bat Technology

  1. CXN
    • This connective piece is unique to Easton and is the center element that connects the composite two piece design that is the Easton MAKO.
    • It works to eliminate bat sting on miss-hit balls and utilizes that otherwise wasted energy by redirecting it back into the ball for a trampoline like effects that sends out baseballs screaming all over the outfield.
    • Something that I would add here: while this feature is great and does help, I personally prefer bats that give me a little feedback as I often judge my swing based on the feel of the bat at contact.
    • Conversely, this is something that power hitters would much appreciate as it would allow them more confidence in hacking at the ball without having to worry about having their hands shaken up; while also adding distance to their swing.
  2. Thermo Composite Technology™ (TCT)
    • The TCT feature is also another piece unique to Easton and extremely innovative in its own right. This technology also works in conjunction with the CXN piece to provide further distance into batted balls through the practice of redirecting energy into the ball.
    • This original technology is one of the driving elements behind the MAKO’s stellar performance. It’s easy to see why this bat is one of the most popular in the market as of this moment.
    • This particular practice of directing energy utilizing distinctive bat technologies was unique to Easton for a while up until recently when other bat manufacturing companies caught up to the practice.

Who is this bat recommended for?

The Mako series comes in many different shapes and sizes (and colors) so your bat choice should depend heavily on your individual play style.

For instance, this year we have the:

2016 Easton Mako TORQ

and the 2016 Easton Mako XL

But also the 2016 Easton Mako TORQ XL

This is how I imagine the end of year executive conference at Easton’s HQ went down:

“Mr. CEO, how do you see the future of Easton Mako for 2016?”

“One word? Diversification.”

easton mako diversification

All jokes aside, Easton has been diversifying its portfolio (get it?) when it comes to its target audience and is genuinely attempting to cater to the vast majority of ball players.

With that said, this bat is budget friendly. However, which means you don’t have to sacrifice a month’s worth of groceries for the sake of bat performance.

Elevate your game with a Mako!


DeMarini Voodoo Overlord

demarini voodoo overlord bbcor bat

The DeMarini Voodoo Overlord burst onto the scene in 2015 and it quickly became one of the premiere BBCOR Bats. It has now been succeeded by the DeMarini Voodoo Raw which established itself as one of the 2016 best bbcor bats.

Regardless, the Overlord continues to be a heavy favorite within the DeMarini Voodoo family.

It’s one of the most powerful bats in the industry and the bat of choice of many elite baseball programs all across the nation. This bat comes with various upgrades from the 2014 Paradox which we’ll be talking about in a second.

Being one of the most highly touted bats in the market, the price tag does follow suit. Fortunately we were able to Find The Best Pricing Here for our readership.

With that said, let’s get into some of the specs and see what makes this bat so powerful.

DeMarini Voodoo Overlord Bat Technology


  • Paradox Plus Composite Barrel
    • The Paradox+, proprietary of DeMarini is responsible for the lightning fast bat speed and the amount of pop this bat produces.
    • This is also responsible for creating a trampoline effect at the point of contact where the energy transfer in the barrel of the bat is used in a better fashion.
    • Put these two elements together and you’re bound to send baseballs screaming all over the outfield with relative ease.
  • D-Fusion FT Handle 
    • The D-Fusion handle also aids in the redirection of energy within the barrel of the bat as mentioned before, but this mechanism also relieves bat sting and feedback at contact.
    • With this technology integrated, players can swing confidently without having to think twice about hacking at the ball and risk getting jammed on an inside pitch.
    • This mental ease aids at the plate where players can drop bombs consistently.
  • The FT (flame tempered)
    • The FT Treatment also aids in reducing bat sting, working together the FT-infused Handle virtually eliminates all feedback from the equation.
  • Low Pro End Cap
    • The Low Pro end cap is implemented in the bat to provide players with a more balanced and stable swing. This technology is utilized for optimal feel and comfort at the plate.
    • Also this bat maintains an end-loaded weight of 0.5 oz.
  • RCK Knob 
    • The RCK Knob was designed by DeMarini to fit the human hand more comfortably and thus provide players with an optimal hitting experience.

Overall, this bat was designed in order to maximize the potential of the players by:

  1. Increasing comfort
  2. Maximizing pop
  3. Optimizing bat speed
  4. Eliminating feedback
  5. Looking cool as shit
  6. Providing an enhanced sweet spot
  7. Dropping bombs

Definitely a can’t-miss with this bat, even though this term is frowned upon in the baseball world.

DeMarini Vexxum

The 2016 NVS VEXXUM is a light swinging bbcor bat designed for quicker bat speeds with a budget-friendly pricing tag in mind as well.

This bat is purely designed for speed. It’s a hybrid two-piece construction with the handle being a mix of composite and aluminum with lightning quick bat speed in mind.

This is especially designed for those looking for not only speed but distance as well as a lower price tag than its 2 piece contemporaries.

The NVS in the bat stands for “New Velocity System” and it brings some groundbreaking technology with it which we’re about to kick into after this short intro.

The 2015 version saw some major success and positive feedback, but for 2016DeMarini decided to bring its A-Game as it accustoms to.

2016 DeMarini NVS Vexxum BBCOR Baseball Bat (-3) WTDXVXC-16
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With that said, let’s get into the specs of this bat.

2016 NVS DeMarini Vexxum Bat Technology

  • X12 Alloy Barrel
    • Last year, the X12 Alloy barrel was first introduced to great success in the Voodoo Overlord.
    • The alloy construction makes it possible for this bat to be extremely hot right out of the wrapper while also stiffening and strengthening as it gets broken into during game play (or BP).
    • The Alloy is responsible for the incredible bat speed this bat produces. Other light-swinging bats in the market also follow suit with this practice.
    • Another great characteristic of the X12 Alloy is the strengthening of the barrel at the thinnest points which is great for adding some pop into the bat while maintaining astronomical bat speed.
  • C6 Composite Handle
    • The C6 Handle is what makes this bat a hybrid construction seeing as the Barrel is made of aluminum.
    • This composite handle also provides hitters with a great deal of stability and comfort which makes this bat a unique instrument in itself.
  • NVS Barrel Design
    • The design of this barrel (“NVS”) is fully functional in providing players with optimal swing speed and is what mainly differentiates this bat from other bat series within DeMarini.
    • On top of that, it looks pretty cool.
  • Big D™ End Cap
    • The “Big D” End Cap allows players to maintain a balanced swing and helps in stability alongside the composite handle.
    • On top of that, this end cap also absorbs bat sting and feedback to provide players with a more comfortable hitting experience.

Overall, this bat cannot be beat at the price-level and also at the performance level for those who are looking for two-piece composite bats without a hefty price tag excluding the need to compromise their performance.

As one person stated in the Amazon product page:

“The only thing quicker than this bat is how quick the ball will leave the field”

Rawlings Velo

rawlings velo bbcor bat

For the 2016 Rawlings Velo there were some changes made from the 2015 version which have turned it into one of the best bbcor baseball bats on the market in terms of performance.

The biggest change was the enlargement of the barrel size in conjunction with an enhanced sweet spot which aid in performance tremendously due to the fact that this bat is of a one-piece alloy construction.

Making it a more dynamic light-swinging bat with some additional pop as of 2016.

But what makes this bat different from other one-piece bats? (Such as the Marucci CAT 6, or the Omaha 516)

Well, let’s get into the specifics.

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2016 Rawlings Velo Bat Technology

  1. Acoustic Performance (AP™)
    • This technology is responsible for dampening sting and feedback from mishit balls at the point of contact allows players to swing with confidence without having to think about getting jammed and having their hands shaken up.
    • This is a rather innovative piece of technology and only a select few of bat manufacturing companies feature this technology on their bats.
  2. Comp-Lite™
    • This element is what makes the VELO unique as it allows for a more balanced swing weight. Players can enjoy the added benefits of a larger and enhanced barrel without having to risk the hindering of an end-loaded bat on their swing speed.
    • This is awesome for lighter hitters as they can exert greater bat speed through the hitting zone but can now also wield a bat that allows them to hit for power as well.
  3. 5150 Barrel
    • The ultra-responsive aerospace-grade 5150 alloy barrel is a unique technology to the company which is also featured in the Rawlings 5150. This makes the bat extremely hot right out of the wrapper which is awesome if you’re an impatient person like I am, and also has great pop.
  4. Premium Synthethic Leather Grip
    • The Premium Synthethic Leather Grip Rawlings uses is easy to grasp, and wrap your fingers around. I’m a huge fan of bats I can grip the hell out of and this lets me do that without a care in the world.

Overall, this is a great bat for lighter hitters looking for some additional pop as it was the main focus behind the 2016 version. This bat is very budget-friendly as well.

As always we love feedback from our readers here so send us your experience with the VELO and we’ll be sure to add it into the content of the site.



Marucci Cat 6

marucci cat 6

The Marucci Cat 6 is a sleek one-piece alloy construction bbcor bat built for durability, strength, and pop.

Personally, I’m a rather simple and minimalist person. As such, the design of this bat strikes a chord with me due to its sheer simplicity and how professional it looks.

Needless to say, I think this bat is pretty cool.

Being a one-piece bat, it’s designed for speed and quickness; that’s not to say this bat can’t go yard – as of 2016, the barrel has been enhanced and enlarged for additional pop.

It also dampens the sting of mishit balls in a particular fashion which we will be discussing in a minute.

This bat is also very budget-friendly and we were able to locate the Best Pricing. If you guys find something better, be quick to send me an email.

Without further ado, let’s go in the specs of the bat:

Marucci Cat 6 Bat Technology

  • One-piece alloy construction
    • As we said before, this bat is of a one-piece alloy construction which means it comes hot right out of the wrapper and is built for durability. With each hit, the barrel of the bat stiffens and it becomes stronger.
  • Professionally-inspired extended barrel profile
    • For 2016, this bat’s barrel was enlarged as compared to the 2015 Cat 5 version which was relatively small.
    • This enhanced sweet spot now gives players extra pop in addition to the already quick swing this bat provides.
    • Now lighter hitters can enjoy some more power without having to sacrifice for a heavier bat.
  • Ring-free barrel technology
    • This element is unique to Marucci as most bat manufacturing companies do utilize rings in their barrels in order to dampen the sting of mishit balls as we discussed before, however due to reasons we’re going to discuss next, Marucci did not include it within their design.
  • Patented anti-vibration knob
    • Instead, what they did was design the knob of the bat in a way that would reduce (or virtually eliminate) feedback and sting through a patented technology.

Overall, not much changed from the 2015 CAT 5² except for the enlargement for the sweet spot which now gives players more ample room to work with as well as the addition of some pop into the bat.

If you loved last year’s version, there’s a very good chance you’re also going to love the new and improved CAT 6. With that said, we hope you enjoy this bat and let us know your own unique experience with it.

Talk soon!

Louisville Slugger Prime 916

louisville slugger prime 916

The Louisville Slugger Prime 916 has established itself as one of the most distinguished bbcor bats out there and is a top choice amongst elite collegiate baseball programs all across the nation.

There were some slight improvements since the Prime 915 but some things remain constant such as the balanced weight. However, one of the major changes this bat went through for 2016 is inside the barrel.

The 916 now features thinner walls but a larger barrel size, this provides a lighter and more balanced swing weight while allowing hitters to exert maximum bat speed and power through the zone.

This bat differs from the Louisville Slugger Select 716 in that it’s designed to be better suited for players who tend to have more power hitting tendencies.

There’s also the swift one-piece construction Omaha 516 within Louisville Slugger’s 2016 line-up, but that’s a story for a different day.

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Louisville Slugger Prime 916 Bat Technology

  • TRU3 Connective Piece
    • This piece of technology is aimed to reduce or virtually eliminate bat sting from mishit balls or feedback and re-direct that energy back into the barrel to allow for more explosive energy at contact.
    • It’s also one of the main driving factors behind the balanced weight despite the bat featuring a larger barrel size.
  • Lizard’s Skin Grip
    • Some major league baseball players are noted for their heavy use of this technology.
    • The Lizard Skin grip provides comfort and allows players to assertively grip the bat which can not only speed up the swing through the hitting zone but also provide a more compact power-position at the point of contact.
  • Fuse Carbon Structure
    • The bat is of a full 2-piece composite design featuring the Fuse Carbon Structure, proprietary of Louisville Slugger.


Overall, this is going to be one of the most popular bats this year, if it already isn’t. The Prime Series have been on top of the game for a long time, going up against the most coveted bbcor bats in the space: The Easton Mako & DeMarini’s CF.

Either way, it continues to be the bat of choice for some of the most talented baseball players in the nation, and if you’re serious about your baseball career – it is a definite must have.

Rawlings 5150


rawlings 5150 bbcor bat

The Rawlings 5150 was my favorite bat when I used to play high school ball. Also Virginia won the College World Series using primarily this bat so you know it’s of high quality.

Not much difference from the Rawlings VELO and it’s quickly established itself as one of the top bbcor bats for 2016 as well as Rawlings’s front-runner.

When BBCOR first came out, I remember people used to say that BBCOR bats used to sound funny just because my entire high school team used to swing a 5150 and it has a distinctive sound.

Let’s dive into some of the technologies this bat has but keep in mind, they’re not very different from the VELO.

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2016 Rawlings 5150 Bat Technology

  • Aerospace-grade 5150 Alloy Barrel
    • This ultra-responsive 5150 Alloy Barrel is extremely hot right out of the wrapper and the stiff barrel allows for greater pop, strength and durability.
    • This is a great benefit as with such a balanced bat, there might be some lack in the power department. However, the 5150 material makes up for it handsomely.
  • Comp-Lite™
    • The Comp-Lite End Cap allows for the bat to maintain a very balanced swing which is great for lighter and contact hitters as they may enjoy some extra pop in addition to the lightning quick bat speed.
    • This was a huge reason why I loved this bat in high school as I wasn’t very strong as to handle Easton’s XL1 or DeMarini’s CF8.
  • Precision Optimized Performance™
    • This piece of technology consolidates the energy of the excess weight of the bat into one spot which creates an enhanced trampoline-like effect at the point of contact which sends balls screaming all over the outfield.
    • It’s easy to see why this bat is heavily preferred by elite baseball programs all over the nation. Including the most recent CWS champs.
  • Premium Synthetic Leather Grip
    • The leather grip on this bat makes it easier to wrap your fingers around with a strong grip. This allows players to be in a power position more consistently at the point of contact.

Overall, this is a great bat destined to have an awesome year in 2016 – look for it to be showcased in the later stages of the college baseball season.

It’s a definite can’t-miss in terms of performance.