Easton XL3 -8

easton xl3

The Easton XL3 is a peculiar big barrel bat because it comes with an extra-long barrel (as the name implies XL), it also comes in 2 5/8″ so it’s a little bigger in diameter.

What makes this bat particularly special is that it comes in a one piece aluminum construction, which is great for two reasons.

  1. Easton’s alloy is very responsive and durable so expect to get good mileage and performance from this bat.
  2. The bat speed is phenomenal as well and helps with bringing the bat through the zone incredibly fast.

There’s not a lot of bats really like this, if any that I can think of right now.

Here’s the eBay Auctions Listing with the best pricing option online.

Let’s kick into the specs.

Easton XL3 Bat Technology

  • HMX™ Hyperlite Matrix Alloy Barrel
    • As mentioned before, great for performance and durability. Extremely hot right out of the wrapper and ready for game use. Strengthens with more use and stiffens with time.
    • One of the strongest alloy’s in the game hands down.
  • 29/32″ Handle With 1.2 MM HYPERSKIN™ Grip
    • In my opinion, top 3 grips in the game. Very comfortable and optimal feel. The ultra thin handle also makes it easier to grip the bat strongly while still allowing for mobility in the wrists.
  • XL Barrel Design
    • Extra-long barrel design for more plate coverage and greater pop while maintaining a relatively low moment-of-inertia for optimal bat speed.
    • This bat is great for power hitters looking for bat speed that perhaps some other bats like the CF, the Mako or the Voodoo don’t offer. However, it doesn’t necessarily mean that this bat compromises its power.
  • USSSA 1.15 BPF Certified
  • 2 5/8″ Barrel

Overall, this is a great bat for younger players looking to add some power and speed to their swing. It’s within a decent price point, so it’s definitely a great option for those that might not be able to afford high-end bats such as the ones mentioned before.