DeMarini CF8 -10

demarini cf8 big barrel

The DeMarini CF8 is the latest installment by DeMarini’s CF Big Barrel Bats and much like the CF7 it is one of the most dynamics sticks in the game.

One of the (if not THE) lightest swings in the game amongst power bats. It’s a two piece composite with innovative technology designed for comfort, power and speed.

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But without further ado, let’s crack into some of the specs.

DeMarini CF8 Bat Technology

  • Paradox +Plus Composite
    • Maintains the walls of the barrel at its maximum strength at the thinnest points to maintain a lower swing weight and consequentelly produce optimal bat speed for hitters.
    • One of the hottest composite materials in the game right now.
  • Hot, High Strength Carbon Fiber Barrel
    • Aids and works alongside the Paradox+ to produce the most amount of bat speed possible by keeping the walls thin and incredibly strong.
    • Also great for adding farther distances into your batted balls.
  • Thermo-Fused Taper
    • Reduces and eliminates vibration by fusing the barrel and the handle of the bat together. Maintains energy in the barrel of the bat for greater launch speeds and a hotter barrel.
  • D-Fusion 2.0 Handle
    • Maintains its sting dampening properties but it’s more efficient in doing so. Sends the energy of the ball – bat collision to the barrel and into the ball for a trampoline effect.
    • Results in harder hit balls, and much farther distances.
  • Low Pro End Cap
    • Creates a smoother swing by keeping the bat balanced and producing faster bat speed. Makes this bat one of the lightest swings in the game while also maintaining one of the most powerful barrels in the game.

Overall, a great power hitter’s bat. It does tend to be a bit pricier just like its main competitors the Mako and the Prime.