DeMarini CF7 -10

demarini cf7 big barrel

The DeMarini CF7 is a part of one of the most powerful bat series on the big barrel industry today. The CF by DeMarini is purely designed for maximum power and hitting comfort at the plate.

It’s a two piece fully composite design with an incredibly hot barrel and a bat handle that virtually eliminates bat sting. Giving players the ability to assertively swing at the ball and producing optimal power in games.

This one in particular is characterized by a bigger barrel giving players not only a larger sweet spot but also a bigger margin of error to foul off-pitches in the deeper counts.

With more plate coverage, comes an optimal hitting experience.

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But with that said, let’s dive into some of the specs of the bat.

DeMarini CF7 Bat Technology

  • Paradox Plus Composite Barrel
    • Incredibly hot barrel made out of premium composite material that creates a trampoline effect at contact that shoots baseballs into the outfield with greater launch speeds.
    • It maintains the walls of the barrel incredibly strong at its thinnest points to keep the swing weight low for the maximal amount of bat speed at the plate.
    • One of the lightest swing power bats in the market.
  • D-Fusion FT Handle
    • Flame tempered treated handle that eliminates and reduces sting and feedback at the plate to protect the hitter’s hands.
    • This allows hitters to swing aggressively without fearing getting their hands shaken up.
  • The FT (flame tempered) treatment
    • Fuses the barrel and the handle of the bat together through an innovative process known as the “FT”. Other bat manufacturing companies accomplish this through rings or connective pieces but DeMarini does it its own unique way.
  • Low Pro End Cap
    • Produces an incredibly smooth swing by keeping the balance point within the bat at the center. By lowering the M.O.I and increasing the bat speed, you get one of the most proficient power hitting bats out there.
    • Unlike the Voodoo which uses an end-load to create more power, this bat features an incredibly hot barrel with even greater bat speed for pop.
  • RCK Knob
    • Built to fit the human man as best as possible and create better comfort and feel at the plate.

Here you have one of the most comfortable and powerful sticks in the game. Great for young players who take their careers seriously and want to maximize their hitting potential.

Mainly directed towards power hitters.