2 Best Fungo Bats

Best Fungo Bats

Baseball coaches use fungo bats during practice sessions. The bats are extra long and extra light. This allows for great control. Serious coaches at all levels of play use a fungo bat. Most serious player use a wood fungo bat. The feel and touch of real wood is memorable experience.

We relied upon a few different sources for this best fungo bat article. On top of that list was this article here. We also spent some time on eBay and Amazon looking at best bat lists.


The Rawlings bat is made from ash wood, which makes incredibly durable and robust when it comes to performance on the pitch. The bat is 25 inches long making easy for coaches and players to hit the baseball accurately.

Rawlings bats have a high wooden outlook and a nice feeling while using it. As such, it gives a classic, unique feeling whenever coaches are wielding it. The barrel of the bat is light weight yet very robust. Besides, it being hollow allows some rapids are swinging with the appropriate force.

It is two ¼ inches in diameter, this combined with its stable yet lightweight characteristic makes it ideal for hitting. Additionally, the bat is finished with an extraordinary look, which retains much of its natural look. For this reasons, you will have a genuinely wooden fungo bat for the training sessions.

Though it is a premium fungo bat, always check for correct price tags from Amazon. However, it is not suitable if you are operating on a very tight budget.


Easton F4 Fungo Bats

The Easton F4 alloy is one of the best fungi bats you will get on the market today. The bat comes with all the standard features of a wooden bat. Such features include durability and its ability to withstand roughness while in use.

Its light ability enables coaches to wield and use it with more accuracy compared to other bats. To ensure players and coaches can swing and have better hits, Easton has added more weight to its end which supports the swinging and making it almost effortless.

With 35 inches in length and 22 ounces of weight, the bat offers great balance and offers a good hitting surface area on the barrel. The handle is quite thinned providing an excellent grip during swinging yet maintaining comfort.

The price tag is not prohibitive and makes it a rather affordable fungo bats compared to other bats.


The Mizuno bats are one of the longer bats you will find on the market. The bat is 36.5 inches long making it relatively long, and allows coaches to use it more comfortably, and have straight hits.

The designers of the bats used high technology to design and make the wooden bat incredibly lightweight and have a smooth swing rock solid on the barrel. It is constructed to ensure the shelf life is prolonged, giving coaches extended use.

The light weight of the bat and its light weight allows coaches to control hits precisely. With warm colors, the bat offers a good look and comes with a favorable price tag.


The Marucci is yet another lightweight wooden fungo bat that is made 100% from wood. At 35 inches long the bat has a standard bat length making it easy to use. Its light weight ability and use of top grain ash wood give it a robust and comfortable light feel.

Besides, the lightweight and suitable length make it easy to swing and rapidly hit an incoming baseball with high precision. The overall design of the bat makes it well balanced further making it easy to turn and hit with high precision.

You will be happy also to know the bat is manufactured and designed in the US and handcrafted making it a desirable choice. Such quality always comes in handy when hitting the field demonstrate a high level of accuracy.