Rawlings Velo

rawlings velo bbcor bat

For the 2016 Rawlings Velo there were some changes made from the 2015 version which have turned it into one of the best bbcor baseball bats on the market in terms of performance.

The biggest change was the enlargement of the barrel size in conjunction with an enhanced sweet spot which aid in performance tremendously due to the fact that this bat is of a one-piece alloy construction.

Making it a more dynamic light-swinging bat with some additional pop as of 2016.

But what makes this bat different from other one-piece bats? (Such as the Marucci CAT 6, or the Omaha 516)

Well, let’s get into the specifics.

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2016 Rawlings Velo Bat Technology

  1. Acoustic Performance (AP™)
    • This technology is responsible for dampening sting and feedback from mishit balls at the point of contact allows players to swing with confidence without having to think about getting jammed and having their hands shaken up.
    • This is a rather innovative piece of technology and only a select few of bat manufacturing companies feature this technology on their bats.
  2. Comp-Lite™
    • This element is what makes the VELO unique as it allows for a more balanced swing weight. Players can enjoy the added benefits of a larger and enhanced barrel without having to risk the hindering of an end-loaded bat on their swing speed.
    • This is awesome for lighter hitters as they can exert greater bat speed through the hitting zone but can now also wield a bat that allows them to hit for power as well.
  3. 5150 Barrel
    • The ultra-responsive aerospace-grade 5150 alloy barrel is a unique technology to the company which is also featured in the Rawlings 5150. This makes the bat extremely hot right out of the wrapper which is awesome if you’re an impatient person like I am, and also has great pop.
  4. Premium Synthethic Leather Grip
    • The Premium Synthethic Leather Grip Rawlings uses is easy to grasp, and wrap your fingers around. I’m a huge fan of bats I can grip the hell out of and this lets me do that without a care in the world.

Overall, this is a great bat for lighter hitters looking for some additional pop as it was the main focus behind the 2016 version. This bat is very budget-friendly as well.

As always we love feedback from our readers here so send us your experience with the VELO and we’ll be sure to add it into the content of the site.