Rawlings 5150


rawlings 5150 bbcor bat

The Rawlings 5150 was my favorite bat when I used to play high school ball. Also Virginia won the College World Series using primarily this bat so you know it’s of high quality.

Not much difference from the Rawlings VELO and it’s quickly established itself as one of the top bbcor bats for 2016 as well as Rawlings’s front-runner.

When BBCOR first came out, I remember people used to say that BBCOR bats used to sound funny just because my entire high school team used to swing a 5150 and it has a distinctive sound.

Let’s dive into some of the technologies this bat has but keep in mind, they’re not very different from the VELO.

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2016 Rawlings 5150 Bat Technology

  • Aerospace-grade 5150 Alloy Barrel
    • This ultra-responsive 5150 Alloy Barrel is extremely hot right out of the wrapper and the stiff barrel allows for greater pop, strength and durability.
    • This is a great benefit as with such a balanced bat, there might be some lack in the power department. However, the 5150 material makes up for it handsomely.
  • Comp-Lite™
    • The Comp-Lite End Cap allows for the bat to maintain a very balanced swing which is great for lighter and contact hitters as they may enjoy some extra pop in addition to the lightning quick bat speed.
    • This was a huge reason why I loved this bat in high school as I wasn’t very strong as to handle Easton’s XL1 or DeMarini’s CF8.
  • Precision Optimized Performance™
    • This piece of technology consolidates the energy of the excess weight of the bat into one spot which creates an enhanced trampoline-like effect at the point of contact which sends balls screaming all over the outfield.
    • It’s easy to see why this bat is heavily preferred by elite baseball programs all over the nation. Including the most recent CWS champs.
  • Premium Synthetic Leather Grip
    • The leather grip on this bat makes it easier to wrap your fingers around with a strong grip. This allows players to be in a power position more consistently at the point of contact.

Overall, this is a great bat destined to have an awesome year in 2016 – look for it to be showcased in the later stages of the college baseball season.

It’s a definite can’t-miss in terms of performance.