Louisville Slugger Select 716

louisville slugger select 716

The Louisville Slugger Select 716 is one of Slugger’s most highly anticipated bbcor bats for 2016, along with the Prime 916 and the Omaha 516.

This is a hybrid swinging bat with a composite handle and an alloy barrel which is one of the bigger differences between the fully composite Prime series and the one-piece alloy Omaha series.

The price tag is also pocket-friendly (er) than the Prime 916, we were able to find for you guys here:

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We’ve found that the Select 716 is for those players perhaps not looking for over-powering pop on their bat but that are well-rounded hitters and can consistently put the barrel on the ball.

Keep in mind that if you’re a lighter hitter, the Omaha 516 might be the best suit for you. With that said, let’s get into the actual specs.

Louisville Slugger Select 716 Bat Specs


  • AC21 Alloy Barrel
    • The alloy barrel on this bat allows it to be hot right out of the wrapper but also is designed for strength and longevity.
    • This is what separates the Select from the Prime series and is responsible for the hybrid construction.
    • Best designed for players who can put the barrel of the bat on the ball consistently and not looking for crazy power at the plate.
  • TRU3 Connective Piece
    • This connective piece virtually eliminates all feedback and / or sting from mishit balls and instead uses that energy to redirect power back into the barrel of the bat and into the ball.
    • This piece of technology is proprietary to Louisville Slugger and thus cannot be found in any other bat.
  • Pure 360 Composite Handle
    • The composite handle which is the second part of this bat’s 2-piece construction is designed to keep the walls thin while also maintaining (or improving) the strength of the bat.
  • Lizards Skin Grip
    • This grip which has been popularized by players like David Ortiz has been dubbed as one of the best, if not the best, grip in the entire market.
    • The company who manufactures these used to originally make them exclusively for extreme sports equipment until Slugger decided – why not smack it on a baseball bat as well? And the reception has been incredibly positive, making it one of the most innovative and unique pieces that Louisville Slugger bats carry.

Overall, this is one of the better bats on the market, especially for younger players as it’s not as heavy-hitter inclined as the Prime series but rather it’s well balanced.

Its competitive price with the level of performance this bat brings to the table makes it a great choice for anyone looking to add a powerful weapon to their arsenal. Absolutely recommended for all players.