Louisville Slugger Omaha 516

louisville slugger omaha 516

Not much has changed in the Omaha 516 BBCOR except for pretty much everything.

The concept of this bat which is to provide lightning-quick bat speed and maximize the bat’s performance in terms of pop, comfort, and feel remains the same.

However, in order to turn it into one of the best bbcor bats of 2016, Slugger changed the alloy of the bat, which is the biggest difference from the Omaha 515 as well as adding in their proprietary TRU3 Technology.

Meaning, this bat is much more potent and powerful than last year’s version.

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Let’s get into the specs.

Louisville Slugger Omaha 516 Bat Technology

  • 7U1 Alloy Design
    • From the previous ST+20 Alloy, Louisville Slugger has upgraded to the 7U1 Alloy. Keep in mind that the ST+20 was already regarded by the industry as one of the strongest in the game, so Slugger is just bringing the heat at this point.
    • Extremely hot right out of the wrapper and stiffens with every swing giving players a massive advantage over those swinging lesser bats.
    • Like I mentioned before, most likely the strongest alloy construction bat in the market making this one of the top light swinging bats in the industry as of today.
  • TRU3 – Explosive Power Transfer
    • The TRU3 technology was added to this bat also as an improvement from the Flex Band which adds even more barrel flex as the bat comes around which launches balls at incredible speed with a trampoline effect.
    • This piece of technology also virtually eliminates all bat sting and feedback while maintaining a strong and stiff handle for players to swing off of.
  • Lizard Skins Grip
    • The Lizard Skins Grip is highly regarded as one of the top (if not the top) grips in the industry. It has been heavily popularized by major league all-stars and many elite baseball programs in the world.
    • The comfort, feel, and performance this element provides is unrivaled as of today.

Overall, you can start to see why this bat is the absolute best of its kind. With incredible bat speed, maximum pop and bat control, it is one of the go to bats in the baseball market for lighter hitters looking to elevate their game.

This bat’s one of the main factors why Slugger is one of the most heavily preferred brands within elite programs across the nation.