Louisville Slugger Omaha 515

omaha 515

The 2015 Louisville Slugger Omaha 515 BBCOR is a light swinging, one-piece alloy construction beast that’s been at the helm of its kind for a while now.

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With a relatively light swing weight, the bat maintains an extremely low moment-of-inertia which attributes to the quicker swings that players experience with this kind of bat.

The way this works is by putting the center of gravity in the middle of the bat (as opposed to towards the end like the Prime 915, or Prime 916) and thus allowing the players to exert greater bat speed and control through the hitting zone.

But let’s go into what makes this bat unique and separates it from the 5150, the S1, or the Vexxum.

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Louisville Slugger Omaha 515 Bat Technology

  • ST+20 alloy
    • The entire bat is made of ST+20 Alloy which optimizes the barrel of the bat for maximum power by providing a trampoline effect at the point of contact for greater exit speeds.
    • The Alloy also comes hot right out of the wrapper and stiffens with every hit, so there’s very little (if any) breaking in to do.
    • By enhancing the sweet spot and lowering the M.O.I this bat provides incredibly quick swing speed but also gives players ample room to work with within the barrel and make solid contact more often.
  • Flex Band
    • The Flex Band works to optimize Barrel flex which causes that trampoline effect we talked about earlier as to send balls screaming all over the outfield.
  • Low M.O.I. / Swing Weight
    • Let’s break this down a little further for those that are still unclear as to what this entails.
    • When a bat has a “Lower Swing Weight” it doesn’t necessarily mean the mass of the bat but rather how the bat performs as the swing takes place.
    • One piece bats such as this one, tend to have lower swing weights because their balance point is directly in the center of the bat which allows players to swing faster through the hitting zone as well as maintain better control of the bat.
    • On the other hand, a bat with an “end-load” will have the balance point shift towards the barrel of the bat as it comes around and thus have more momentum going into the ball. However, the bat speed is significant slower and attempting to “stop” the bat mid-swing will be much harder.

Hopefully that last piece cleared up some doubts about what this technology actually does. This bat maximizes swing speed and promotes bat control which is great for lighter hitters who are looking to “hit the ball where they ain’t” and are also looking for an improved bat speed.