Easton XL1

easton xl1

The Easton XL1 is one of Easton’s most popular bats outside the Mako bat series, and as of 2016 it has been included within that family. Now branding itself as the Easton Mako XL alongisde the Easton Mako TORQ and its half-brother the 2016 Easton MAKO TORQ XL.

The XL1, however, still remains one of the top bbcor bats in the industry and a heavy favorite amongst baseball players ranging from little league to high school to elite college programs.

It’s widely known as one of the go-to power hitting bats and by the looks of it – it’s only getting better. Some people are even going as far as saying this is the best bbcor bat out right now.

It certainly seems so.

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Let’s get into some of the specs:

Easton XL1 Bat Technology

  • CXN
    • This connective piece virtually eliminates all bat sting from mishit balls which is awesome for power hitters as it gives them the ability to swing for the fences and without having to think about having their hands shaken up.
    • With that ease of mind, it’s easier to have a mental advantage over the pitcher and not have to think about getting jammed on an inside pitch.
    • Instead we can focus our mental real estate on more promising tasks: doing yard work.
    • It should also be noted that this piece of technology redirects energy from the handle of the bat into the barrel which is a major factor for why this bat has so much power.
    • In other words, it maximizes energy transfer within the bat.
  • 0.5oz End Load
    • As accustomed to the XL family, the bat is designed with a 0.5 oz end load for the extra power, most players are familiar with how this works so it’s not something I’m going to deeply delve into.
  • IMX Advanced Composite Barrel
    • This feature aims to maximize and enhance the sweet spot to provide players for the absolute maximum performance.
    • Add that to the fact that this bat has been tested as one of the quicker swings in the industry, which also adds to the power of a player’s performance.
  • Sic Black Carbon Handle
    • The Handle on this bat works in conjunction with the CXN piece to eliminate sting and optimize energy transfer.
    • However, the Sic Black Carbon handle also allows players to enjoy a more comfortable hitting experience which improves in-game performance.

Overall, it’s easy to see why this bat continues to reign as one of the most (if not the most) popular bats in the industry, it’ll be interesting to see how the switch over to the Mako series impacts the reception and the performance of this bat.

So be on the lookout for that. We’ll definitely be keeping a close watch for it.

We’ll continue to update this page if anything changes throughout the year. We hope you guys enjoyed this review and make sure to contact us if you have any questions or comments.