Easton S1

easton s1 bbcor batThe 2015 Easton S1 is a two-piece composite light swinging beast that’s quickly classified itself as of the premiere BBCOR bats in the market.

The bat comes equipped with a speed design as illustrated above which lowers M.O.I. by putting the balance point of the bat in the center which accelerates bat speed through the hitting zone.

This is the biggest difference between the S1 and the XL1. Wherever the center of gravity is within the bat will dictate how the bat performs as the player swings it.

For instance, a bat with the traditional 0.5 oz end-load will have the balance shift towards the barrel of the bat as the player swings. As a result, when contact is made, all the kinetic energy from the swing will be concentrated at the barrel which will catapult the ball onto another hemisphere.

The S1 series, however, is designed to lower the moment of inertia in the bat and as such, have players swing at faster speeds and exert greater control over the barrel of the bat.

This bat is specifically designed for top of the lineup type hitters, I myself used a Rawlings 5150 in high school and I always did better on those game than when I’d use end-loaded bats.

With that said, let’s get into some of the specs of this bat.

Easton S1 Bat Technology

  • IMX Advanced Composite Barrel
    • The IMX Advanced Composite Barrel is unique to Easton and is widely renowned for its ability to produce incredible power with a trampoline like effect at the point of contact.
    • This material also optimizes the sweet spot to provide players with maximum power potential without having to sacrifice bat speed for a heavier bat.
  • CXN
    • The connective ConneXion piece that Easton utilizes produces a whip effect to bring the barrel of the bat around faster which in turn increases the player’s bat speed.
    • This piece also works in conjunction with the handle of the bat to redirect energy from the ball at contact and reduce vibration while sending more power into the barrel of the bat for greater launch speeds.
  • SIC Black Carbon Handle
    • The SIC Black Handle also eliminates vibration and feedback while providing players with a strong lever with which to pull the bat and increasing bat speed through the zone.

In short, it’s easy to see why this is one of the better bats out there on the market.

It’s heavily recommended for lighter hitters looking to increase not only their bat speed but also their comfort, power and feel at the plate. The price tag is also very budget friendly, and the bat is very durable so you’d be getting a pretty sweet deal.