Easton Mako

easton mako

The Easton Mako is without question one of the hottest bbcor bats right now.

In my 2016 Best BBCOR Bats round-up I characterized the Mako as the best overall bat for this year. Here’s some reasons why:

  • Price Point: For being one of the top premium bbcor bats around, it has a relatively low price tag. Especially when compared to the CF or the Prime.
  • Comfort: The Connexion Piece that eliminates all bat sting, the grip Easton uses, and the thin handle all create an incredibly comfortable hitting experience which turns into improved batting performance all around.
  • Power: The Mako inherently features a large barrel, now add to that premium composite technology which gives it ridiculous power and you get one of the top performing bats in the market.

There’s also the Mako XL and the Mako Torq which can also be great choices depending if you want more power (the XL) or improved mechanics (Torq). If you want the best of both worlds, there’s also the Mako XL Torq.

That said, if you want one what is in my honest opinion the best overall bat in the market, you can find the cheapest price below:

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Easton Mako Bat Technology

  1. CXN
    • This connective piece is unique to Easton and is the center element that connects the composite two piece design that is the Easton MAKO.
    • It works to eliminate bat sting on miss-hit balls and utilizes that otherwise wasted energy by redirecting it back into the ball for a trampoline like effects that sends out baseballs screaming all over the outfield.
    • Something that I would add here: while this feature is great and does help, I personally prefer bats that give me a little feedback as I often judge my swing based on the feel of the bat at contact.
    • Conversely, this is something that power hitters would much appreciate as it would allow them more confidence in hacking at the ball without having to worry about having their hands shaken up; while also adding distance to their swing.
  2. Thermo Composite Technology™ (TCT)
    • The TCT feature is also another piece unique to Easton and extremely innovative in its own right. This technology also works in conjunction with the CXN piece to provide further distance into batted balls through the practice of redirecting energy into the ball.
    • This original technology is one of the driving elements behind the MAKO’s stellar performance. It’s easy to see why this bat is one of the most popular in the market as of this moment.
    • This particular practice of directing energy utilizing distinctive bat technologies was unique to Easton for a while up until recently when other bat manufacturing companies caught up to the practice.

Who is this bat recommended for?

The Mako series comes in many different shapes and sizes (and colors) so your bat choice should depend heavily on your individual play style.

For instance, this year we have the:

2016 Easton Mako TORQ

and the 2016 Easton Mako XL

But also the 2016 Easton Mako TORQ XL

This is how I imagine the end of year executive conference at Easton’s HQ went down:

“Mr. CEO, how do you see the future of Easton Mako for 2016?”

“One word? Diversification.”

easton mako diversification

All jokes aside, Easton has been diversifying its portfolio (get it?) when it comes to its target audience and is genuinely attempting to cater to the vast majority of ball players.

With that said, this bat is budget friendly. However, which means you don’t have to sacrifice a month’s worth of groceries for the sake of bat performance.

Elevate your game with a Mako!