DeMarini Vexxum

The 2016 NVS VEXXUM is a light swinging bbcor bat designed for quicker bat speeds with a budget-friendly pricing tag in mind as well.

This bat is purely designed for speed. It’s a hybrid two-piece construction with the handle being a mix of composite and aluminum with lightning quick bat speed in mind.

This is especially designed for those looking for not only speed but distance as well as a lower price tag than its 2 piece contemporaries.

The NVS in the bat stands for “New Velocity System” and it brings some groundbreaking technology with it which we’re about to kick into after this short intro.

The 2015 version saw some major success and positive feedback, but for 2016DeMarini decided to bring its A-Game as it accustoms to.

With that said, let’s get into the specs of this bat.

2016 NVS DeMarini Vexxum Bat Technology

  • X12 Alloy Barrel
    • Last year, the X12 Alloy barrel was first introduced to great success in the Voodoo Overlord.
    • The alloy construction makes it possible for this bat to be extremely hot right out of the wrapper while also stiffening and strengthening as it gets broken into during game play (or BP).
    • The Alloy is responsible for the incredible bat speed this bat produces. Other light-swinging bats in the market also follow suit with this practice.
    • Another great characteristic of the X12 Alloy is the strengthening of the barrel at the thinnest points which is great for adding some pop into the bat while maintaining astronomical bat speed.
  • C6 Composite Handle
    • The C6 Handle is what makes this bat a hybrid construction seeing as the Barrel is made of aluminum.
    • This composite handle also provides hitters with a great deal of stability and comfort which makes this bat a unique instrument in itself.
  • NVS Barrel Design
    • The design of this barrel (“NVS”) is fully functional in providing players with optimal swing speed and is what mainly differentiates this bat from other bat series within DeMarini.
    • On top of that, it looks pretty cool.
  • Big D™ End Cap
    • The “Big D” End Cap allows players to maintain a balanced swing and helps in stability alongside the composite handle.
    • On top of that, this end cap also absorbs bat sting and feedback to provide players with a more comfortable hitting experience.

Overall, this bat cannot be beat at the price-level and also at the performance level for those who are looking for two-piece composite bats without a hefty price tag excluding the need to compromise their performance.

As one person stated in the Amazon product page:

“The only thing quicker than this bat is how quick the ball will leave the field”