DeMarini CF8

demarini cf8 bbcor bat

The DeMarini CF8 might just be the most popular bat for this upcoming year. It’s the go-to bat of choice for most high-end college baseball programs as well as high school organizations.

The 2015 DeMarini CF7 performed extremely well last year and the CF8 is an improved version of it.

In my Best BBCOR Bats of 2016 post I picked this bat as THE TOP power-hitting bat in the market today. Reason being is that this bat is purely designed to drop bombs and nothing else. Everything from its construction, technology, weight, size and layout.

It’s fully composite, extremely comfortable and has a ridiculous amount of pop in it. Other alternatives might be the Voodoo Raw or the Easton Mako XL.

What makes this one different from the other two is that the Voodoo Raw has a 0.5 oz end-load which lowers the bat speed, and the Mako XL has a larger barrel which while it does help in plate coverage, it hinders the swing speed. Thus why I’d recommend the CF8 for disgusting power and blazing bat speed through the zone.

Note: It does tend to be on the pricier side being a premium bat, but we were able to find the best price online:

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So what makes this bat so powerful?


DeMarini CF8 Bat Technology

  1. Paradox +Plus
    • The Paradox technology is relatively new to the market and is designed to establish a lighter and stronger barrel to maximize swing speed and power for players. This is one of the main driving forces behind the CF series’s success.
  2. Carbon Fiber Barrel
    • This element also aids in the bat’s potential batted ball distance and quickens the swing through the hitting zone. Both very important aspects that are imperative hitting performance.
  3. ThermoFused Taper
    • The ThermoFused Taper aims to enlarge the sweet spot and provide players with a trampoline-like effect that shoots the ball right back out where it came from.
    • Through this element, the energy is contained within the barrel for maximum power exerted into the ball.
  4. D-Fusion 2.0 Handle
    • The Handle composition of this bat is an innovative piece of technology that reduces bat sting and feedback by redirecting the energy of the ball at contact and putting it back into the ball.
    • This is new and groundbreaking technology which is at the heart of this bat’s success. Players can now swing for the fences without having to worry about having their hands shaken up by a mishit ball.
  5. Low Pro End Cap
    • This last piece of technology is designed to provide players with a more balanced swing weight which maximizes performances and allows for a smoother swing through the hitting zone.

With all that said, who is this bat recommended for?

Anybody who’s serious about their baseball career and looking to boost their hitting performance by purchasing arguably the top performing bbcor bat of this year.

This bat is the power hitter’s match made in heaven. It’s almost exclusively made to enhance power hitting performance and its construction leaves no doubt on that.

Even I was able to put a nice dent on the ball, and I’m of a relatively thin frame.