2016 Easton Mako XL

2016 easton mako xl

The MAKO XL Series has come along since Easton decided to abandon the XL1 name and instead made it a part of the Easton Mako accommodating some power into their best-selling bat family and this is one of the top bbcor bats to come out in recent years.

This bat is without a doubt made with the power hitters in mind and those who enjoy an end-loaded beast fully designed to crush bombs. ‘Cause chicks dig the long ball.

It has everything you’d expect in a power hitter:

  1. The Look: The perfect contrast of the green and black add to the power hitter’s plate presence which is already menacing enough.
  2. The Feel: The HyperSkin™ grip with the 1.2mm diameter makes the bat not only easy to wrap your knuckles around, but it feels damn comfortable as well.
  3. The Power: The bat features an added 0.5 oz end-load to produce even more power than the Mako already is capable through its intrinsic nature.

It’s a match made in heaven. Look good, feel good, hit jacks.

The bat does tend to be a bit pricier so we went out and scoured the net for the best pricing available:

Visit: Easton MAKO XL Best Price
Something to note here: this is NOT the 2016 Mako XL TORQ version. This bat is without the rotating TORQ handle. But you can click through to that link to find out more information about this bat’s performance when in conjunction with the spinning technology.

Easton MAKO XL Bat Technology

This bat comes equipped with Easton’s signature ground-breaking technology:

  1. CXN
    • This connective piece sits at the middle of the bat and works to reduce unwanted sting and feedback, and instead redirect that energy into the barrel at the point of contact. Essentially it takes away the hurt from you and puts it back into the ball.
  2. TCT™
    • The Thermo Composite Technology™ proprietary of Easton is also an innovative piece of technology that also redirects energy from your body and hands through the barrel and into the ball.
    • When you couple such innovative elements with an end-loaded bat featuring an oversized barrel – well you get hitting performance teetering on the edge of BBCOR standards and an incredibly hot bat.

All-in-all this is the ultimate power hitter’s bat rivaled by very few and unmistakable in sight. A great addition to anyone’s arsenal who can not only afford it but also who can handle it.

It does take considerable strength to wield this unruly beast, but its performance stands up there in a class of elite baseball performance standards.