2016 Easton MAKO TORQ

2016 easton mako torq

The 2016 Easton MAKO TORQ has been cause for plenty of controversy and discussion amongst players, coaches and gurus.

Arguments keep spurring up everywhere incessantly, some heated ones at that. But one fact cannot be denied and that is that this is one of the top bbcor bats to come out in recent years.

The question is – How does this bat affect short-term performance, and how does it affect long-term performance?

A: Although the thought of a spinning handle may sound unusual and even feel slightly weird at first, it does put you at a power position during contact which can boost your hitting performance.

This bat can help players fix up some deficiencies that they may have with their swing which has proven to increase short term hitting performance – but how can this help them in the long run?

B: Mad Max made a solid point when he talked about muscle memory and how with enough repetition and swings – the proper habits will be instilled in the players.

As such, when the switch is made over to say…wood bats, many of the deficiencies players had prior to their use of the TORQ handle may actually vanish.

Studies have been conducted ad nauseam on the effects of visualizing and muscle memory on athletes’ performance – this is to say that actually using the Mako TORQ can set-up players to enjoy long-term success with the implementation of correct hitting habits.

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Easton Mako TORQ Bat Technology


In my post about the Easton MAKO I talked about the CXN & TCT™ features but I’ll re-touch on it.

  1. CXN
    • This connective piece serves as an innovative element to reduce sting and feedback from poorly hit balls while also redirecting energy back into the ball at the point of contact for farther distances.
  2. TCT™
    • The Thermo Composite Technology™ also aids in the practice of energy redirection and sending balls screaming all over the field. Simply stated, it creates for a larger sweet spot while maximizing energy transfer from your hands and the bat handle into the barrel. Together with the CXN feature, it makes for an extremely hot bat with industry-leading performance on the field.
  3. TORQ
    • The most popular piece of technology this bat features which is arguably responsible for all of its popularity.
    • The TORQ handle made a huge splash in 2014 and it was released preceding a good amount (read: insane) of marketing hype.
    • The technology was created to help players with poor hitting mechanics be able to enjoy superior performance by providing a rotating handle to reduce the rotation of the bat at the point of contact. In theory, players should find themselves at a power position more often as a result of this technology.

In essence – your hands wouldn’t break (or roll over) at this point as many players’ do and instead you’d enjoy a smooth powerful swing through the hitting zone.

All-in-all this bat would be a great snag for anyone who can afford it. It does tend to be a bit pricier so we found the best pricing found somewhere above at the beginning.