2016 Easton Mako TORQ XL

2016 easton mako torq xl

This edition of the Easton Mako BBCOR Bat series is an all things considered bomb-dropping piece of baseball aristocracy and this is one of the top bbcor bats to come out in recent years..

Equipped with innovative groundbreaking technology, a jaw-dropping graphic design and the power to send baseballs into another hemisphere – the 2016 Easton Mako TORQ XL has made a huge splash in the market following some major marketing hype and a carefully crafted introduction such as this one.

This bat is simply one of the most technologically advanced pieces of work in the realm of baseball.

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All technologies featured in the Mako are proprietary to Easton, including the revolutionary TORQ handle that’s been the focal point of major arguments and heated discussion within the game.

One thing that is absolutely for sure is that this bat is fully designed to crush baseballs. The XL end-load (formerly the XL1) in addition to the Mako’s barrel size creates for an extremely hot bat.

Now into this equation comes the CXN piece that connects the handle and the barrel. This element eliminates sting and bat feedback at the point of contact and utilizes that otherwise wasted energy to direct it back into the ball.

Then, there’s the Thermo Composite Technology™ (TCT) which enlarges the sweet spot and uses groundbreaking sciency stuff to redirect energy from your hands, into the barrel and ultimately into the ball to launch it halfway across the globe.

In comes the TORQ handle, a spinning piece of technology that aims to correct miscues in a player’s swing such as the hands breaking (or rotating) too early which would otherwise produce weak ground-outs and instead put the hitter in a power position where they can fully exert all their might into the ball.