Best Little League Bats 2016

Breaking down the top youth bats for 2016.

We’re going to categorize these bats into 3 different categories from which you can make your choice depending on your play style and your bat preference.

Without further ado…


Easton S3

The Speed (S) series by Easton is known for their light swinging speed bats with top of the line performance. It’s why their 2016 S3 bat is at the top of our list for players looking for bats designed for low M.O.I and lightning fast swing speeds.

easton s1 bbcor bat

The M.O.I. (moment-of-inertia) is lowered by placing the balance point of the bat towards the middle and allow players to exert greater control and bat speed through the hitting zone as opposed to end-loaded bats.

This not only contributes to control and bat speed but also the bat feels “lighter” to the hitter despite its actual “weight” in ounces.

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DeMarini Voodoo Raw

The Voodoo Raw is the lightest swinging bat in the 2016 lineup by DeMarini and it comes with a bundle of innovative technology relatively new to the market.

demarini voodoo raw 2016 bbcor bat

The D-Fusion 2.0 Handle aims to reduce bat sting and feedback at the point of contact as to give players a sense of confidence when swinging for the fences without having to worry about having their hands shaken up from off-center hits.

This is extremely beneficial to younger players as they become accustomed to swinging with confidence and sets them up for long-term success in hitting.

(DeMarini Voodoo Raw Listing)


Louisville Slugger Prime 916

The Prime 916 by Slugger is our team’s bat of choice when it comes to power hitting for younger players.

It comes with a Fuse Carbon Structure to eliminate all feedback, and thus allow players to swing for the fences confidently. But also it comes with the TRU3 Explosive Power Transfer technology that instills a trampoline effect within the barrel of the bat for greater launch speeds.

This bat is one of the few heavily-favorited by elite programs all across the nation ranging from little league to D1 college baseball. Also comes with a 1-Year warranty if you register it with the website.

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