The Definitive 3 Best Youth Baseball Bats

Best youth Baseball Bats

I have spent time at Little League games, lot of them, as well as read every little league bat review I could find on the internet. We came up with the following list of our Best Youth Baseball bats.

Where to Buy Youth Baseball Bats?

Many of these bats can ONLY be found on eBay. We would suggest you tack some of their auctions. Bats like the DeMarini CF8, at the time of this writing, are several hundred dollars over the original price. The bat is wildly popular. We would suggest eBay as the place to look.

Best Overall Youth Bat

The winner of this category goes to the 2017 Easton Mako.

Best Youth Baseball Bat
  • Performance: Among the bats for this year - the Easton Mako is the most well-rounded. The plate coverage is phenomenal, the bat blazes through the hitting zone and it has crazy pop. On top of that, the comfort is top of the market with their connective piece and grip material.
  • Price: Another huge reason for why we went with the Mako, it won't put a whole in your wallet like the CF8 or the Prime 916 will. Although those two bats are incredible as well, the Mako offers the same performance standards for not as high a price.

Overall, this bat is a great choice for anyone looking for the best bang for their buck. Highly durable and offers market-leading performance standards.

Best Youth Power Hitting Bat

The 2016 DeMarini CF8 remains the undisputed champion.

demarini cf8

Although the Voodoo Raw also produces a crazy amount of power, where I believe the CF8 wins it over is in the bat speed department.

The end-load that the Voodoo Raw can be a detriment to the swing weight of the bat by shifting the momentum towards the barrel, which also makes it harder to control, but nevertheless it's a phenomenal bat.

If you're a person who enjoys end-loads then by all means go with the Voodoo Raw, but if you're a fan of bat speed - go with the CF8.

You really can't go wrong with either, however, my personal preference is bat speed so we chose to go with the CF8 in this category.

It does tend to be a bit pricier, but we tracked down the cheapest option:

Best Affordable Youth Bat

Here the 2016 DeMarini Voodoo Raw takes the cake. Notice how it remains a top contender for all bat performance standards.

demarini voodoo raw youth

The Raw is a strong bat, utilizing incredibly responsive alloy material for its barrel and a composite handle. It features the D-Fusion 2.0 handle which increases comfort exponentially by eliminating bat vibration from the equation.

If you want to give your kid the best possible shot at success - look no further. The "Voodoo" series was Bryce Harper's bat of choice in high school and he used to drop mammoth homers back in the day.

Here we were able to find the bat for dirt cheap price:

Top 3 Youth Baseball Bats Table

Easton MAKO Beast

Best Overall

Huge barrel & great performance

  • Lots of Options
  • Great Performance
  • Pricey
  • Trendy

DeMarini CF8

Monster Bat

Worth its weight in gold

  • Best Performance
  • Very Balanced
  • Expensive
  • Durability


DeMarini Voodoo Raw

Hybrid Bat

Good price and great user ratings

  • Durable
  • Great Value
  • End Loaded
  • Smaller Sweet Spot

$75 to $199

Youth Baseball Bat Reviews

I have also taken the time to review several of the youth baseball bats on the market today. I think you might find these things useful too.

Easton Youth Bats

Easton dominates the youth baseball bat market. They make a bat for every type of hitter.

DeMarini Youth Bats

DeMarini dominates the big barrel and senior barrel space.

Louisville Slugger Youth Bats

Slugger is a legitamate option in the youth baseball bat space, but their market share still lags behind the Easton clan.

Best Youth Baseball Bat Sources

There are a number of places trying to make little league bat lists. I can only guess, but it looks like most are bots or rewrites of people actually doing real reviews. In terms of real reviews, and a place we relied on heaviliy, you may find some value in seeing Just Bat Reviews write up. They appear to do an honest job, although I disagree with a few bats. Otherwise the regular places like and Facebook Groups have some decent feedback.