Worth Legit

worth legit fastpitch bat

The 2016 Worth Legit is a unique 4-piece design fastpitch softball bat with a patent-pending double barrel technology meant to give players a boost in performance, strength, power and durability.

Not only does the four piece design prove itself to be a unique bat within its own realm but also the hot orange color just screams at you. This bat is not meant to be quiet and it belongs in the hands of a player bold enough to swing it.

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It is approved for play by ASA, USSSA, NSA, ISA, ISF and all other associations using 98 MPH w/ ABI.

It comes in the follow variations: 34/24, 33/23, 32/22, 31/21, 30/20.

Let’s get into some of the specs.

Worth Legit Bat Technology

  • 2×4 Logic
    • As mentioned before, this bat features a four piece construction with a double barrel.
    • This gives hitters a major advantage as the bat contains more pop and eliminates a lot of void that would significantly decrease performance.
    • Worth is currently awaiting patent on this technology.
  • Reinforced 360° End Cap
    • The End Cap utilized on this bat elevates performance by providing a balanced swing weight.
    • Maintaining a balanced swing weight means players can exert greater control and bat speed through the hitting zone as opposed to if the bat didn’t feature the end cap.
  • Reinforced Composite Taper
    • The Composite Taper is a technology implemented on this bat in order to improve durability, strength and flex through the hitting zone in conjunction with the barrel of the bat.

Overall, this is a great bat and it will be interesting to see as to how the four piece construction plays out during the season. Definitely recommend the bat to anyone looking for something new and unique, and also willing to take a bit of a risk.

The bat’s performance, however, cannot be denied. The ball explodes off the bat relatively easy. Keep an eye out for this.