Top 6 Fast Pitch Softball Bats

Fast Pitch softball is a common sport, in which a ball slightly larger than a baseball is thrown underhand at high speeds. Like baseball bats, Fast pitch bats are subject to regulations, including limitations on both their girth and length. Finding the right bat is key to your fast pitch game. Below, we’ve profiled some of the best fast pitch bats of the year. We relied up on a few different sources to put this article together. We think Just Bat Reviews has a decent list of the best fastpitch bats. We also like a few lists made from Amazon rankings as well as some lists on places like and

Easton Fast Pitch Softball Bats

Easton is a company known for the production of the best softball bats you will ever get anywhere. For over eight decades, the company has been producing the best sports equipment. Hence, the immense trust in any of the products they offer to the market.

Continuous quality checks and grading of their products led to the production of the fast pitch softball bats. The bats are of superior quality, and their performance is beyond reproach with players and team mounting their trust on the product for better performance.

The production of the bats involves the use of advanced metal matrix formula, which is exclusive to Easton products. A patented two-piece technique is used in the manufacture of the bat to ensure their quality is second to none. Besides, the bats are reinforced to ensure they do not break when deep into the action. Thus if you are looking forward to having a good bat for your team for personal purposes, the Easton fast pitch softball bats are your favorite choice.

Demarini Fast Pitch Softball Bats

Demarani fast pitch softball bats come with 21/4 diameters with a length to weight ratio ranging from 8-13. As such, the bats can use by children of 5 years, colleges students, and professional players. It is one of the best softball bats you will ever get on the market today.

Demarani have been used in softballs leagues earning them a reputation that cannot be refuted. The softball bats are made of durable and reliable materials; aluminum and composite, which reveal the reason for their lightweight. Besides, they are the most effective softball balls you will ever find on the market. Major fast pitch associations have no problem approving the use of Demarani fast pitch softball bats in any league hence you are safe using them in any league.

Louisville Slugger Fast Pitch Softball Bats

Louisville slugger fastpitch softball bats are the hottest softball bats you will come across in 2017. Engineered for glory both in the field and excel in beauty, they are a must have for any female team that wants to make a name for itself in the world of fastpitch softball bats in the world.

Besides, the fastpitch softball bats are super light making playing not only enjoyable but very addictive. Despite its light weight, you will be amazed to note the bats are more durable than any softball bat you will ever get in the market toady. The length to weight ratio is just perfect to ensure you are not distracted by any extra weight.

Xeno Fast Pitch Softball Bats

2017 is finally here, and if you are looking forward to replacing your fast pitch softball bat, the Xeno softball pitch is what you exactly need. Xenon is built to impress in the field and bears immense beauty making an accessory you want people to see you carrying you around.

The bat comes with better weight to length ratio making it very light yet durable and can sustain all the pressure when in action. The masterpiece of performance and beauty is built using light composite material making it light. Besides, the 2017 version of the bat is stiffer resulting to maximum power transfer when in use.

Besides, the bat has been tested and proven to deliver what the manufacturer intended for to it to deliver. Its exceptional features make it a ladies favorite in most softball leagues. Hence, do not need to be left behind by your mates, get the best of bats for your training and game to ensure you have absolute comfort and style while in the field.

Mizuno Fast Pitch Softball Bats

Mizuno fast pitch softball bats are the first in the class to have such a fantastic design and made from aluminum and composite. Aluminum is known for ensuring the bat is lightweight and very durable. Composite comes in handy to ensure the length to weight ratio meets all the international standards.

Besides, the carbon fiber and ultra strong resigns make the bat masterpiece you want to have. Mizuno engineers built it to be robust and durable. As a result, the bat can crush softballs with much ease making it at pleasure to use the bat in all your games. As the names tend to indicate, the bat is one of the most popular tools and bat ball accessory you will ever across. Also, do not forget about its ability to deliver on while in action. You are always assured that your back is covered while on a pitch.

Combat Fast Pitch Softball Bats

The combat fast pitch softball bat is one of the oldest bats ever designed for softball playing. The bat has been revised over the years, with 2016 being the latest edition. The softball bat is carefully designed and structured to ensure you do not feel the weight of the bat will in action in the field.

Besides, the bat is reasonably priced to ensure it’s affordable to teams and individuals, something that has made it a favorite for many. However, it is important to know the bat is approved for playing anywhere in the U.S. The bat is made of composite and aluminum to ensure it is lightweight and can handle lots of pressure.

It’s lightweight nature and strength gives an actual testimony of the bat’s name, combat fast pitch softball bat. The bat has an amazing grip on balls while on the pitch hence do not worry about missing a shot, get assured of getting perfect shots while using minimum energy.