Miken Freak Black

The 2016 Miken Freak Black has established itself as one of the best softball bats in the market as of today. It’s a two-piece composite beast and it comes in a balanced and an end-loaded version which you can check out here:miken freak black

Like the other Freak bats, it comes with a lot of Miken’s proprietary innovative technology which we’ll be discussing later, but let’s analyze the effect of the swing weight variation in a player’s swing.

Each bat has something called an “M.O.I” which stands for moment-of-inertia. Basically what this term means that the lower the MOI of a bat, the quicker the swing will be (despite the weight (ounces) of the bat).

If you have 2 bats together, one balanced and one with an end-load, and both weight the same thing – the balanced version of the bat will experience greater bat speed as the balance point of the bat will be in the middle.

Conversely, a bat with an “end-load” will have the balanced point shift towards the end of the bat, and as the swing comes around, the barrel will contain much more momentum and thus give players more power.

However, the bat speed will be decreased and the control over the bat will also suffer, as end-loaded bat are harder to stop mid-swing.

With all this nerdy stuff out of the way, let’s get into the specs.

Miken Freak Black Bat Technology

  • Triple Matrix Core™
    • The Triple Matrix Core technology increases the exclusive aerospace grade material within the bat volume by 5% which strengthens the bat and allows for more power and durability.
    • This also allows for the bat to be extremely hot right out of the wrapper and provide high levels of performance without much breaking in.
  • F2P™ Flex 2 Power
    • The F2P technology maximizes barrel flex and provides a whip like effect as players swing to increase bat speed and momentum through the hitting zone thus impacting the ball with greater force at contact.
  • 100 Comp™
    • The 100 Composite material is unique to Miken and is one of the reasons why the Freak brand has had so much success.
    • It’s an incredible, high performance material complete 100% premium aerospace grade fiber for power, strength and durability.
  • 14 1/2 Inch Barrel Length
  • 2 1/4 Inch Barrel

Overall, this is a great bat and surely you can’t go wrong with it. It drops bombs like no other, comes with groundbreaking technology for performance and durability.

It’s largely unrivaled and by far one of the most promising suspects for the year.