Miken Freak 52

The 2016 Miken Freak 52 has come on the scene and established itself as one of the premiere softball bats by players, experts and officials. The bat is of one-piece composite construction and it’s approved for play in the ASA.

miken freak 52

Pictured:Miken Freak 52 Maxload

Note: This bat is designed specifically to crush 52 softballs as the name implies.

Other versions of the Freak brand include: Freak 12, Freak 30, and Freak Black. Also, there are a number of different versions of this bat such as the balanced, the supermax and the maxload versions which you can check out here: Miken Freak 52 Listing.

This wall is of a triple wall design which makes it extremely hot and is one of the reasons this is one of the most coveted bats for the year.

Let’s get into some of the specs.


Miken Freak 52 Bat Technology

  • PWR 360: Composite Technology
    •  The triple wall design used in this bat allows for 22% more exclusive material which is extremely beneficial to hot performance right out of the wrapper, supreme durability and and a larger sweet spot giving players more ample room to work with.
    • In short, this element is one of the reasons this bat just crushes softballs out of the park. The barrel is ultra responsive and the exit speeds are insurmountable.
    • This bat is taking one piece performance to a higher level.
  • E-Flex Technology
    • The Flex technology that Miken uses whips the bat around through the hitting zone improving bat speed like nothing else.
    • The only thing quicker than your swing will be the ball leaving out of the park.
  • 100 Comp™
    • This revolutionary piece of material has been elevating the performance of Miken bats for a while now.
    • Constructed for high performance and durability. This material allows for more aerospace grade in the bat which very few bat manufacturing companies seem to accomplish.

This bat is going to take your game to the next level. The price tag is just right and the performance is priceless.

Crush softballs and send them to another hemisphere with the Freak 52.