Miken Freak 30

The 2016 Miken Freak 30 is one of the most elite slowpitch softball bats in the market as of today. Another absolute bomb-dropper by the miken freak 30
Miken brand along the likes of the Freak 12, and the Freak Black.

Let’s get down to what you really came here for: this bat crushes balls. Period. In my opinion, it is by far the #1 slow-pitch bat in the market as of today. Now you may also be looking at the Z-4000 which is also a great choice but where I feel the FREAK 30 trumps it is in the bat speed portion.

Although if you are a fan of an aggressive end-load the Z4000 Powerload actually features a 1.5 oz (as opposed to the usual 0.5 oz) so that’d be something to look at.

Other than that minor aspect, I’d highly recommend the Freak 30 as the go-to bat for slowpitch leagues.

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But without any further ado let’s kick into the inner workings of this bat.

Miken Freak 30 Bat Technology


  • Miken’s Triple Matrix Core Technology
    • This technology increases the aerospace grade material volume which maximizes the performance and durability of the bat by eliminating wall seams and providing players with an optimal hitting experience.
  • Miken’s Flex 2 Power (F2P)
    • This innovative technology maximizes the flex of the barrel as it comes around the hitting zone for optimal speed and control.
    • It does this by creating a whip-like effect within the bat which aids tremendously in acceleration and is a major factor for why this beat produces such great launch speeds.
  • Multi-Wall Construction
    • This element was first introduced by Ray DeMarini in their softball bats and has been adopted since as the norm within the slow-pitch bat manufacturing industry.
    • It maximizes pop, distance and power while providing a trampoline effect at contact. Great for launching bombs all over the field.
  • 100 Comp™
    • 100% premium aerospace grade fiber that makes Miken one of the unique brands out there when it comes to performance, power and durability. This material can be attributed to the elevated success this bat has had.
  • Its length / weight variations are as follows:
    • 34/24, 34/25, 34/26, 34/27, 34/28.
  • 12″ Barrel Length
  •  USSSA 1.20 Certified

Overall, this is one of the premiere bats heading into the year. Great for players looking to maximize pop and distance. Medium budget but definitely worth the investment.