Miken Freak 12

The 2015/16 Miken Freak 12 came on the scene early in 2015 and made a big splash quickly classifying itself as one of the premiere slow pitch softball bats for the year.

It’s a 2-piece fully composite bat with Flex 2 Power Technology that allows hitters to have better bat control and speed through the hitting zone.miken freak 12 softball

This bat also adds an end-load feel with an extended sweet spot which adds up to better power hitting. It features a 12-inch long barrel with a 2 1/4 inch diameter and optimal handle flex technology for optimum bat performance.

The bat also features 34 inches in length and you can purchase it at either (25 oz, 26 oz, or 27 oz). It’s USSSA approved and comes with a 12 month warranty.

This bat would be a great fit for players looking to add a little more pop to their swing, and it really comes very hot right out of the wrapper. Needs very little breaking into but it is needed for optimal performance.

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Again, it is a must have bat for anyone to add extra power but also better contact through the zone. With that said, this is a bat better suited for stronger hitters at the middle of the line-up who already have very fast bat-speed and are looking for that extra “juice” to send those pop-up’s over the fence.

While it can be beneficial to the contact hitters at the top of the line-up, usually you’ll want to go with lighter bats who offer feature more “lighter-hitter” friendly specs and allow you to make contact with the ball better.

That said, if it is in your budget and you think you can maneuver this bat then definitely pick it up as it will contribute to your upcoming season’s numbers.

If you’d like to see this bat in action, I’ll leave you some user-generated videos here below where you can watch the bat in action.

You can read more information about it here.