Miken DC 41

miken dc 41

Miken DC 41 USSSA

The 2016 Miken DC 41 is one of the most powerful softball bats on the market. So much so that Miken has warned players about this bat’s ability to launch balls at speeds so high they could potentially cause serious injuries and / or death to other players and coaches.

That goes to say this bat is one of the most potent out there as of today.

It’s USSSA 1.20 certified and approved for play in the USSSA, NSA, and ISA.

It features a 14″ Barrel Length and 2 1/4″ in diameter.

It comes in the different weight / length variations: 34/26, 34/27, 34/28, 34/30.

It also comes with Denny Crine’s signature 1.0 oz supermax end-load for an extremely barrel-loaded balance point for maximum momentum and optimal swing weight. More on this in a second. The bat is often rated the best USSSA softball bat on the market.

Here you can find the Best Price for this bat. Keep in mind that there’s different versions depending on your league. (ASA, USSSA, etc…)

Miken DC 41 Bat Technology

  • Triple Matrix Core™
    • The Triple Matrix Core technology improves aerospace grade within the bat by 5% which creates for a stronger, hotter and more durable bat that comes extremely hot right out of the wrapper and ready for use right away.
    • They do this through a carbonizing process that’s revolutionary and groundbreaking in its own right.
    • One of the many ways how Miken produces dangerously hot bats with such great ball exit speeds.
  • F2P™ Flex 2 Power
    • Flex 2 Power technology optimizes handle flex to bring the barrel around the hitting zone quicker and increasing bat speed.
    • Through this technology, players can enjoy incredible bat speed which when coupled with a one ounce end-load it increases momentum towards the barrel of the bat and impacts the ball with much more energy at contact.
    • Thus, why this bat produces such significant power.
  • 100 Comp™
    • The material Miken uses for their bats made completely of aerospace grade fibers which create for one of the strongest bats in the game. Promotes an incredibly stiff bat with a crazy amount of power.
  • Two-Piece Composite
    • Self-explanatory. A barrel and a handle.
  • Multi-Wall Construction
    • Maximizes pop, distance and power within the bat and allows players to hit balls into another hemisphere.

Overall, this is an incredibly hot bat that just screams danger when the batter steps up to the plate. Heavily recommended to everyone looking to do some yard work this season.