Louisville Slugger Z-4000

The Louisville Slugger Z-4000 is arguably the best softball bat of the Z series according to most players. The Z4000 line was released for 2016 and it comes with 4 different styles being:

This bat is ASA, USSSA, NSA, ISA and ISF approved.

It comes with a 12 inch barrel, stiff handle technology to reduce sting and bat vibration, a composite barrel and patented 3-piece construction. This bat also features a very wide sweet spot with optimal barrel flex technology to allow hitters to enjoy increased bat speed and it also promotes better bat control through the hitting zone.

Definitely one of the more balanced bats in the market in terms of being suitable for most players. Both contact and power hitters can enjoy this bat without having to worry about bat weight, bat speed, perceived “pop” or any other extra factors as this bat allows for quick swings with added power thanks to Louisville Slugger bat technology.

When the Z3000 was first introduced it shook the softball bats world as players began to see massive improvements in their swings and game performance as they began to switch from the older models.

The Z4000 aims to do just that and it has slight variations from the Z3000 which are designed to improve in-game hitting performance.

Louisville Slugger greatly stressed the reduced vibrations of this bat which really factors into power performance.

The bat also needs a couple swings right out of the box in order to start getting hot, once it gets there – all bets are off. This bat is definitely here to make a splash and everyone should snag one up to get a leg up on the competition as soon as possible.

You can learn more information about the bat here, or by following the links above.