Louisville Slugger Z-3000

louisville slugger z3000

In 2014, when the Louisville Slugger Z-3000 first came out, it quickly burst on to the scene and defined itself as one of the premiere softball bats of the year.

While not much changed or differs from the Z2000 bat, there’s still one minor improvement which may be of some significance to people.

The Z-3000 is a 3-piece fully constructed 360 composite bat while the Z-2000 is a 2-piece bat. What this aims to do is reduce the vibration sting felt in the hands when the ball is hit. This might be of significance to some, but not others. It really comes down to player and personal preference.

Apart from that, the bat features a 12 inch barrel and is considered one of the more technologically advanced bats on the market. It comes with Louisville Slugger’s S1iD Technology coupled with the TRU3 Technology which is utilized to greatly reduce those vibrations when contact is made.

This bat is approved for play in USSSA, NSA, ISA, and ISF and comes in 3 different forms.

Have your choice depending on your style of play and league regulations.

This is by far one of the better bats out there and great for anyone who’s looking to add some serious pop to their swing and has a larger budget to work with. We have also done a review on the Louisville Slugger Z-4000 which is the 2016 new-and-improved version with some added technology.

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