DeMarini Vendetta

The DeMarini Vendetta is one of the most soughter after bats for this year. It comes with the Paradox Barrel which makes it one of the hotter softball bats out there and it has an incredible sweet spot. It also features the D-Fusion Lite handle which aims to reduce vibration and sting when making contact.demarini vendetta

This can be great for some players who don’t like that feedback, however, I personally know of people that are primarily guided by the feel of the bat when it makes contact with the ball to judge their swing and mechanics. This is completely up to personal preference and style but is is a feature that comes with this bat.

It is approved for play in the following leagues: ASA, USSSA, NSA, ISA, ISF. And it comes with the 1.20 BPF USSSA stamp.

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It is also a drop 10 bat which puts it on the lighter side and great for younger players as well as people who prefer the more “contact” style of play associated with these lighter bats.

This bat features a Half & Half single wall barrel construction which is optimal for lightning fast bat speeds and bat control through the hitting zone; which is absolutely imperative to hitting success.

Overall one of the better bats of the year and it for sure is one of the bats that you simply cannot go wrong with. I highly recommend it for people looking add more bat speed and batted ball distance to their swing.

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