DeMarini CF6 Fastpitch

The 2015 DeMarini CF6 Faspitch Softball bat made a huge splash when it first burst on the market. The bat features some very advanced technology implemented and refined by DeMarini to allow for greater bat performance and greater swing speeds.

Here are some of the features:demarini cf6 fastpitch

  • Paradox Barrel – The Fully Composite Paradox Barrel is designed to reduce vibration and sting at the moment of contact with the ball and also provide a dampening effect that redirects the exerted energy back into the ball to create a greater launch and longer batted ball distances.
  • Paradox Handle – The Paradox Handle also compliments the Barrel by providing a stiff handle to provide the bat and the hitter with a strong lever with which to swing. This allows for a firm grip and exert greater control through the hitting zone allowing players to not only hit the ball farther, but also more often.
  • Stacked Double Wall construction – In conjunction with the Paradox technology installed in the barrel, the stacked double wall construction also reduces the vibration and transfers energy to the barrel of the bat and into the ball. This creates a great feel for the hitter and also greater power administered through the swing.
  • Clutch End Cap – The Clutch End Cap focuses all energy in the bat to stay primarily focused on the barrel. This works together with the other aforementioned technologies to send balls screaming all over the outfield.

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Overall, this bat is extremely power-hitter friendly and offers great comfort and batted ball speeds. The technological advanced and features installed in the bat are rivaled by few and second to none. It’s one of the reasons why DeMarini manages to stay on top every year on the softball bats market and will continue to dominate.

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