Best Softball Bats 2016

Here are the best softball bats for the year 2016!

(Note: These are not listed in any particular order but completely at random)

2016 Miken Freak 30


First up, we have the slowpitch Miken Freak 30, one of Miken’s most awaited bats for the year and an absolute beast. This bat is fully designed to miken freak 30drop bombs with its additional 0.5oz end-load and the Flex 2 Power handle that is made to feature an optimized flex which aids in barrel loading and maximizes bat speed through the hitting zone. These 2 factors can make for a great power hitter’s bat which is why it’s one of
the most heavily used today.

Its Triple Max Core and 100 Comp technologies work together to provide one of the most innovative ways to increase bat durability through a carbonation process that utilizes high-grade aerospace fiber and boosts durability and hitting performance.

One of the most technologically innovative bats that is without a doubt going to improve your power hitting performance and give you a long lasting bat that you can accustom to and grow into for years to come.

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Louisville Slugger Z4000


Up next is the much-awaited slowpitch Louisville Slugger Z4000.

louisville slugger z4000

pictured: ASA End Load

This bat comes in 5 different versions. The ASA End Load & Balanced styles, the USSSA End Load & Balanced versions and the USSSA Power Load version.

It’s a 3-piece construction bat that features the following technologies:

  1. The Pure 360 Composite barrel, proprietary of Louisville Slugger with a diameter of 2 1/4″ and a length of 12″.
  2. The TRU3 construction which connects the handle and the barrel, this technology allows the energy of the bat to be redirected back into the barrel at the point of contact which serves to reduce sting & feedback but also exert greater energy into the ball.
  3. The S1iD technology which is an aluminum inner disc placed inside the bat so that it comes hot right out of the wrapper and there is no need for a break-in period.

The Power Load version of this bat features an additional 0.5oz which is intended to add a little extra “end-load” to the bat and allow players to generate more momentum and transfer more energy into the ball at the point of contact.

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(note: Watch the name of the bat)

Worth 2 Legit


worth legit fastpitch bat

Over on the fastpitch side, we the have 2016 Worth Legit.

This bat is unlike the others because it features a 4-piece fully composite design featuring the 2×4 Logic build and double-stacked barrel walls.

The bat also features a Reinforced 360 End Cap for increased durability and a more smoother swing. This cap also aims to trap energy that would otherwise escape at the point of contact and redirect it back into the ball for a trampoline-like effect. This means that you’d hit balls farther than ever before.

The Flex 50 barrel-to-handle connection band works to eliminate the sting from the handles of the hitter and again redirect even more energy back into barrel. Easy to easy why last year’s version was one of the best selling fastpitch bats. The color’s pretty kick ass too.

It is approved for play in the ASA, USSSA, NSA, ISA, and ISF.

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DeMarini CF8

demarini cf8 fastpitch softball bat

Last but certainly not least is the DeMarini CF8 fastpitch bat. This is arguably players’ bat of choice and continues to dominate every year. DeMarini is able to bring some of the most technologically advanced softball bats in the market consistently and this one is no different. Here are some of the features it brings to the table this year:

  1. The Paradox Plus composite barrel delivers a lighter swinging bat with more strength to launch balls at incredible speeds right off the bat. It also features a double-stacked wall to create a stronger trampoline effect, this works in conjunction with the barrel construction and you can start to see the incredible amount of power that this bat generates.
  2. The improved D-Fusion 2.0 Handle also works in harmony with the barrel technology to redirect energy back into the ball and reduce the sting and feedback from the player’s hands. It makes for a much more comfortable hitting experience and it gives the player confidence to swing for the fences without fearing being stung by a mishit ball.
  3. The Low-Pro End cap improves a player’s swing by providing a smoother swinging experience and balance. It also enhances durability and improves hitting performance.

The CF8 will continue to deliver powerful hits all across the nation and it’s a sure-fire option for anyone looking to invest in a high-end bat with elongated durability.

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