Senior League Bats

Here we’re going to be enlisting the best baseball bats for senior leagues.

Here are some categories you might be interested in:

Best Overall Bat

For the best overall bat, we’re going to go with the DeMarini Voodoo Raw.

demarini voodoo raw youth

Here’s why:

    • Power: This bat not only features one of the strongest alloys in the game, but it also comes with a 0.5 oz end-load. This shifts the momentum of the bat towards the barrel as the player swings, thus increasing the energy at the point of contact. The Voodoo series is incredibly good at this and is a big reason behind Bryce Harper’s high school success.

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  • Comfort: The thermo-fuse that DeMarini uses (proprietary to its company) makes this bat incredibly comfortable by eliminating bat sting and vibration. This gives players an incredible edge in being able to swing aggressively at the ball without having their hands shaken up.
  • Technology: As alluded to before, the Voodoo utilizes some of the strongest alloy material in the market and produces hard hits with relative ease. It also comes hot right out of the wrapper and needs no breaking in period.

Overall the best bat around without a doubt, for the best price out there:

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Best Power Hitting Bat

This was a tough choice, no question. But for the best power hitting bat of the moment, we’re going to go with the DeMarini CF8.

demarini cf8 bbcor bat

Here are some reasons why:

  • Power: This bat produces astonishing power with incredible ease. One of the major reasons (and the deciding factor for this choice) is bat speed which we’ll talk about below. This bat just blazes through the zone and explodes at contact; sending balls screaming all over the outfield.
  • Bat Speed: The reason for why this bat outshines the likes of the Easton Mako XL and the Prime 916 is because it produces more bat speed, period. While being a heavy-hitter friendly bat, the CF8 is able to produce crazy bat speed by keeping the swing weight relatively low. This is why.
  • Construction: The construction of this bat allows DeMarini to keep the walls of the barrel very thin while maintaining all their strength. This is how they’re able to retain an incredibly low swing weight as the bat flies through the zone with ease.

This might be one of the lightest swings in baseball, but also the most powerful.

For the best pricing:

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Best Balanced Bat

This was a relatively easy choice: we’re going to go with the Louisville Slugger Prime 916 here.

louisville slugger prime 916Here’s some pointers:

  • Power: The Prime series is known for being one of the elite power bats around. Every year, the Slugger logo is seen heavily in the College World Series and with good reason: this bat crushes balls. Amongst its kind, few can produce with as much force as this bat can and it’s why I chose it as the #1 balanced bat on the market today.
  • Bat Speed: Because it doesn’t feature an end-load, the swing weight stays pretty low. The majority of the power from this bat stems from the construction and technology that Slugger uses which is top-notch.
  • Grip: Yes, as unorthodox as this sounds, this bat’s grip is phenomenal. In fact, the lizards skin grip is utilizes by prominent major leaguers including Big Papi who’s been tearing the majors these last 5 years.

Overall, the best balanced bat out there no question. As well as one of the top power-hitting bats as well.

For cheapest price option:

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Best Affordable Bat

Here the Marucci Cat 6 takes the cake.

marucci cat 6

Beautiful, ain’t it?

Here are various reasons for why the CAT 6 is the champ:

  • Bat Speed: Due to the construction of this bat, Marucci is able to keep the moment-of-inertia (aka swing weight) very low. By doing so, this bat is able to cut through the zone with blazing speed.
  • Design: The sleek design of this bat resembles that of a wood baseball bat which makes the transition for players very seamless. It’s also one of the major factors for why this bat can produce so much bat speed.
  • Construction: The anti-vibration knob, the barrel profile and the ring-free technology all add to this bat’s comfort, power production and bat speed. It has virtually no feedback, it’s a true one piece alloy (which means it needs no breaking in period) and it looks pretty sweet.

This sexy stick is by far one of my favorites, the Omaha 516 and the VELO are great choices as well – but the CAT 6 takes the cake in my opinion.

For best price option:

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DeMarini Bats

DeMarini CF8

DeMarini Voodoo Raw

DeMarini Vexxum

Easton Bats

Easton XL1

Easton XL3

Easton Mako XL

Rawlings Bats

Rawlings Velo

Louisville Slugger Bats

Louisville Slugger Omaha 515

Louisville Slugger Prime 916

Louisville Slugger Select 716

These were categorized by many senior league players as the best senior league bats and the most preferred by the majority. They are grouped by brand so each bat was rated as according to their peers (the brand) not in difference to the bats in the entire market.

Choosing The Right Bat

In order to choose the bat that fits you best, you need keep in mind certain elements.

  1. Weight / Length Ratio
    1. The weight to length ratio of the bat often times plays in with what kind of player you are. If you’re a top of the line-up contact hitter, you’ll tend to lean towards lighter bats that allow you to exert greater control and more acceleration through the hitting zone. As such, you’d want to look at bats with bigger drops.
  2. League Bat Rules
    1. Know what kind of bats are allowed in play at your specific league. Also, know what type of bat suits your league better judging by the style of play. This will allow you to make the right choice not only dictated by your personal style but also by the overall style of play of your individual league.
  3. Style of Play
    1. Again, power hitters will lean towards bats with a little more weight for bigger weight transfers into the ball (allowing for more distance in their hits), whereas light hitters will want lighter bats that they can maneuver and thus being able to control where they want the ball to go. Judge accordingly.
  4. Individual Bat Technologies
    1. Some people like bats with more “pop”, others like bats with “reduced vibration”, others like bats who are hot right out of the wrapper. This is completely up to personal preference so make sure to read our reviews which entitle the different bat technologies that each specific brand implements

Good luck!